I hate you

I hate you more than life itself

I gave you chances beyond count

I gave you everything I had

And you spat in my face

And now I'm left with nothing

But your sneering



I can still remember when were

Little kids

Back when you loved me

Back when I was allowed to look at you

Back when I could speak

Now my very presence is

A foul stench to you

Now you cannot bear to look into my eyes

because there you'd see

My love

Crying out to be held

To be freed

I know you have a heart

Because I felt it long ago

Now you keep it

Far from reach

Deep in the impenetrable


Of your soul

All I want to do

Is take a shard of something

Sharp and deadly

And stab it into

Your chest

And feel

Your blood drip down my cheek

Because that's the only

Way I'll ever reach

Your Heart

This One's for you

My Dear Brother

I know you'll never see this

Because everything

I touch

Goes up in smoke

And burns your eyes to look upon

Burn, burn, burn

Burn like I want you to

Burn in Heck

For all the pain

you made me feel

Because I tried to love you

But now it's gone.

You've burnt it all to ashes

And it smoulders

Feebly somewhere

Within my soul

And hisses and splutters

And fades as

One too many


Falls and chokes

My last flame