Life Lines

Minutes turn to hours

They add together to form days, weeks, months

Lifetimes pass by

People are forgotten

They slip between the cracks

The ones in need are overlooked

Not just the people without homes

The ones you see on the news

Or the children with loveless lives

But the people that you know

Your sister or mother, your brother or father

Your neighbor, your friend, or your lover

That child in the back of the classroom

With scarring wrists and soulless eyes

A broken home and life

Time goes on and leaves them behind

It stalks a new generation

Of unwanted fears, unspoken dreams

Of missing hopes, and lonely hearts

The ones who were young turn bitter with years

Happy homes are lost before they start

The road continues with every new life

Every death, every birth

Traces those knowing creases on your palms

Aging lines of sorrow go on forever

On the faces of the young and old alike

You can't even remember a time

When laughter left its mark

Instead of disappointment and abuse

We keeps going with every new day and night

Life is lost and ended, stolen and ripped away

And maybe if you are truly lucky

It will really begin