Descriptive Essay

I have fallen into the inferno. The sun at its peak burns down hotly, and mixed with roughly one hundred percent humidity, it is utterly intolerable. My head aches. Hands gripping pens sweat and polo shirts stick to students' skin. Whoever thought sunny days were the nice ones must not have lived in the tropics. This sweltering hell is not likely to change until mid-October, and it's only now August. Silently I pray for relief. Suddenly I feel the air stirring, a soft promise of simple pleasure that brushes silently around my face. The sticky, smothering heat abates as a pocket of cold air surrounds me. This is bliss – December has come early! My prayer was answered! Then a rusty creaking invades my slice of heaven. In the corner, the fan rotates to face the other way. The flames of the inferno rise. My cheeks flush with heat again, and I'm back in August.