Thanks to crazy dog events I decided to do a little re-write, hope it is better than the first! (btw I adored your review cde)

Dip into the mirror and you'll fall to the other side
Just fall with all the glass and bits of chemicals and brine
For tomorrow may be built with the tears of yesterday
But that doesn't mean you have to sell your soul to me today

Please come inside and kiss me and I'll show you what I mean
We'll sweep aside the shards of glass and chunks of old cement
And I'll hold you in my arms and whisper in your ear
Because your eyes are built for laughing and my eyes are built for tears

Just sink into my arms and you'll see the way I see
Where the world is built with glass and wilts like a willow to the sea
And the clouds bleed their contentment in a sea of cyanide
And the gasses flow like flower-dust in the comfort of your eyes

You'll twist your fingers in my hair and leave a little sigh
Because the shards of glass are biting at the corners of your eyes
So the world is low and gloomy like a stain upon the ice
And the static glides into your skin like music from the sky

So please come inside and miss me even though I'm right beside you
And our body's are connected with a string of rotting glass
And as the shades are slowly closing as I whisper in your ear
About how my heart is built for loving and your heart is built for fear