Hey Ya'll! I don't know where I am going with this story...hopefully far though!

Anyway on with the story!


As soon as Harper got to her room she logged on AIM. Her screenname is Lucky15Girl. When she got on her bestfriend Charlotte was online.

"I can't beleive this!" Harper said to herself

Lucky15Girl: Hey Charlotte.

CharChar101: Hey sweetie how are you?

Lucky15Girl: NOT GOOD!

CharChar101: Why?! What's wrong?


CharChar101: But i thought u've always wanted to go to a boarding school...and you just had to wait until your parents got enough money.

Lucky15Girl: Oh well that was before I knew MY parents were going like bank rupt or something like that and they "dont have enough money for me to live here anymore"

CharChar101: Well you get to go to boargin school for free

CharChar101: boarding sorry

Lucky15Girl: Yeah well if you think its great you will love this part...not only is it a boarding school...its an ALL BOY BOARDING SCHOOL!

CharChar101: WHAT?!

Lucky15Girl: Yeah...well I leave monday morning and its saturday...you want to stay the night?

CharChar101: MONDAY? And sure ill be over in 5.

"MOM" Harper shouted. "Charlotte is staying the night...ok?

"Ok Sweetie just make sure your packed my sunday afternoon." Harpers mom replied slowly.

"Ok thanks mo- WAIT WHAT! SUNDAY AFTERNOON!" Harper screamed.

"Yeah you are registered,but you need your dorm room ,and you START school monday,and it takes about 2 hours to get there." Her dad finished off.

"WHAT" Harper said just as her mom answered the door to let Charlotte in the house.

"Im guessing you told her WHY she has to be there sunday afternoon." her mom said with no surprise on her face.

"MOM THIS IS SO UNFAIR" Harper said as she grabbed Charlotte by the wrist and pulled her upstairs.

"Mommy" said a little voice. "Why is sissy so mad?" Harpers little sister Sandra said

"Oh she's just oging on a vacation, and she doesnt want to." said Harpers mom.

"Can you beleive this im leaving tomorrow in the afternoon." Harper said crying. "You want to help me pack?"

"I know that totally sucks. But I will help you pack" Charlotte said.

After the girls packed all of Harpers Clothes all her Knick Knacks and of course all of her makeup and hair necesitties she was already tired. And the girls fell asleep on the floor. Harpers mom threw a blanket over them.

And with that...this Chapter ends. LOVE YALL! R&R