Moon Dream

By Sapphirefly

The moon is a dream

It has to be

Where I live

Under five-fifty a month

With a double sink in the kitchen

Remarkable … I know

The windows face west

And the parking lot

Blood hot in summer

Chris wanted to join the astronomy club

Top of UofA

Couldn't go when it was cloudy

And when wasn't it?

Until it was bitterly cold.

Charming … isn't it?

Bus trip took me down town

There is no horizon

Not there anyway

The river blocks insanity

Never depression

Breathtaking … literally

At night in my room

Windows covered in tin foil

White trash

Whatever … I know

But the window is open

And the sky is orange

And the clouds are thick

No moon

Not tonight

Not any night

Not for me

Chris wants to make me happy

Puts stars on the ceiling

Precious … isn't he?