A person who I care for is the person who I care for the most. It's so hard not to care for people who are nice to you, let alone someone who has simply loved you from the moment you were born.

As I was growing up, I seemed to pick up only the good things about her. She has loud voice, but only because when she speaks softly she thinks no one can hear her. She has endless patience and never fails to listen to anything I say. That doesn't necessarily means she always agrees with me or lets me do whatever I want, but she's there.

She's a trendy person too. She's 50, but still able to shop in the young adults and junior sections at the mall. She even likes to borrow my clothes and they fit her. She's not afraid to sing and dance around the house; probably because she knows she's good at those things. She tells stories about kids at the pre-school she works at, and imitates their baby voices just for kicks.

I don't know that many people who share this kind of relationship that we have, so I'm not sure if it could even be considered "normal;" but she's so understanding and so nice that I find it hard to even talk back to her, let alone disrespect her. I simply care about her. Simply, because she's my mom.