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Tom was a man in his 20's, 27 to be exact. He was a dentist, and he was fascinated by the beauty of teeth. He loved teeth, he would dream of teeth, he would brush his teeth after every meal… et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. He also loved sleep. Tom walked to the bed warehouse, and he opened the door. People were walking around, talking to salesmen, and beds were put neatly on every panel. It was a sunny Sunday morning.

A woman with blonde hair tied up in a ponytail walked to him, almost frantically. She had a nice white smile, and her eyes were freakishly large. Tom admired her teeth, and stuffed his hands into his pockets. "Hi, I'm Adeline, your helper!" she said, but she laughed nervously… Tom saw the manager glaring at her back. He frowned a little bit, but looked back down. "Now, let's move on!" Adeline said, and they moved on.

"Now, what kind of bed would you prefer?" she asked, her smile still glued nervously on her face. "I really admire your teeth…" he said ignoring the question, "Umm… yeah!" she said, and her face suddenly turned sad. "I did want to be a dentist… at-at a point… so!" she pointed to a random bed, "Isn't that looking good?" She pulled his arm to a large white bed, with wooden polished posts. "Oh, I live alone," Tom said. "Oh!" she answered. She checked to see if the manager was staring… not anymore! "Whoo!" she sighed in relief.

Tom raised an eyebrow. She was cute. "Well, sorry… let's move on to real beds now, you're looking for single beds you say?" she asked. "Yeah." Tom answered. She led him to a section of one person beds. Tom felt each bed, as Adeline watched. She observed him, he had ruffish brown hair, green calm eyes, and she noticed he had a great set of teeth. Adeline loved teeth, and she also loved sleep. She had failed at her career in teeth, but she thought she could start a new one on sleep instead… taking a job in a bed warehouse and all? But instead, it was not what she quite expected.

"I'll take this one." A voice said, she snapped back to reality. "Huh?" she asked, Tom was sitting on a small bed. "This one," he said. Adeline smiled, "Great!" Tom grinned, "Yeah, great."

Tom dug into his wallet, and Adeline looked boredly at him. He put the money on the table, and she cashed it in. She gave him back his change. "So…" he said, not yet leaving. "So… have a nice day?" she asked. "Sure, only if you want to have dinner tonight?" Tom asked. His heart beat, and he hadn't even MEANT to say that. This was his first time asking a stranger out. Well, her name was Adeline… and her teeth was gorgeous. He shifted nervously, as Adeline stared at him with wide eyes… a few seconds passed.

"Sure!" she quickly said after, her voice messy and thrown around. Adeline's legs quivered, she was 26, and didn't have her first boyfriend yet. She gulped, and smiled nervously. All the boys she met thought she was too frantic. Of course, guys came flocking to her at first appearance, she was a beautiful girl, but once they met her, they were quick to leave. Why? Because she was frantic! She glared angrily at the counter, SHE WAS NOT FRANTIC WAS SHE?! NO! "Alright… so can I have your address?" Tom asked, snapping her back to reality. Tom wasn't annoyed, no, she was strange but she was so different from all the other girlfriends he had. Girlfriends who were so normal, and normal.

"Uh… cool, yeah!" she said quickly. She scrambled around for a paper, careful not to lose THIS guy! She was desperate, sure, but you would be if you got made fun of by your best friend for not having a boyfriend for like… 27 years! She looked at him, and smiled frantically. "Don't worry!" she said, and she opened the desk drawer, accidentally pulling it too hard. The drawer fell out, landing on the floor spilling heaps of files. "Crap!" she said, and she went down.

She started crying, frantically trying to pick everything up. "BEAM!" A familiar stout, and powerful voice cried. She looked up to see her manager, Pigmun. "I'LL FIND IT!" she screamed, as Tom watched her. He waited till she slapped a paper on the counter, her address written messily, and her phone number. "Thanks." Tom said, and he watched her head pop up, a nervous smile on her face. "BYE!" she said. Tom walked out of the store, his hands stuffed into his pockets.

He was calm, and she was crazy… but he was interested in her. He wondered how sex would be like. He lowered his eyes, smiling at the cement floor. It would be crazy.