Inspired to the state of mind that leads you to California in the first place.

A Taste of California Land

We go to California Land
and dream and dream and dream,
the ideas and images flowing
out of every pore of our bodies.

And randomivity is bubble gum,
chewy and ever-lasting -
and even though the gum is forever,
the taste dies out and
we have to get a new piece -
refresh the flavor and
refresh the random flow of thought.

California Land is a place where
the dreamers go to dream
and the artists go to draw
and the actors go to be just another person.

It may seem like paradise,
but when we leave California Land,
we are changed.
All the people that come out
are immune to everything -
emotion, thought, reality -
except drugs.
And that's how they die,
OD-ing on their drugs,
trying to make California Land again,
trying to find that magic,
to taste it one more time.

If you're wondering why
this world is filled and California Land
is not, it's because
California Land exists only once
and it can never be found again.
They struggle towards their
ultimate goal, but they will never
make it there,
not ever again.

So tread carefully and think
twice before leaving -
remember you'll be stuck here until the end.

But if they do manage
to figure out this elusive truth,
they would surely be so crushed
that life would cease to exist -
humanity would fall into peril
and inflation would rise at a rate
so fast that the whole economy
would collapse. The stock-broking
deal-breakers of Wall Street would
collapse and sob and flood the world
with their tears, drowning
any survivors of the initial shock.

So we'll let believe,
for now,
in the myth of their return.

I mean, world destruction isn't all it's cracked up to be,
even in the shattered remains of
California Land.