L'Amour est Finis

Awakened by the firelight in a downstairs room,

I caught the scent of reckoning and impending doom.

Stumbling down the stairway, the heat was quite intense,

crashing into a table, the pain I did not sense.

The darkness of the hallway, the glow of the fire lit room,

meant my house would soon be gone, or so I would assume.

Crying, screaming, running, for the nearest door,

the lock could not be undone as I collapsed on the floor.

Coughing, choking, spluttering, the hall to be my tomb,

darkness fell, condemned to hell, Death to be my groom.

Breaking down the door, my lover did arrive,

wrapping me up in his arms, I was barely alive.

Crackling with it's fury, and roaring like the falls,

Crashing down around us, we died within it's walls.