It's disturbing. I guess. If you get scared easily, I'd advise you not to read this story. Rated mature for gore, violence and sexual scenes. Reviews aren't mandatory, but would be appreciated.


I'm sitting in a dark room that smells disturbingly and strongly of decay, and feces. It's so dark, I can't see anything… like I'm in a pool in dark deep night. I'm chained to the walls, and suddenly my hopes jump up when I see that the door creaks open. Nauseating yellow light spills in, and I ask "Who is it?! HELP ME! HOW DID I GET HERE?!" I tried to reminisce on my events… I had just won another case, freeing a child predator who did first degree murder on the streets.

I knew it wasn't right, but I wanted money. I thirsted for money, and heck, I still do. But I had to get out of here. I looked up to see a man in a clown suit smiling down at me, his yellow teeth stained with red and piss yellow. "You've been a bad, bad boy…" he says, his voice high and thin. "LET ME OUT OF HERE YOU ASSHOLE!" I shout, and I try to hit him… give him the old one-two , but he kicks me back. My back hits the wall, and I groan.

My head is killing me. "You like to start crap don't you, you stupid little bitch," the clown says, his voice turning gravelly. I will never ever like clowns again, oh gosh, I hope I even get a chance to go SOMEWHERE again. He's going to kill me isn't he? No, he won't. Maybe he's here because he wants to take my money! Well, I won't let him. I let out a dirty stream of swear words, only to get slapped again, my face blistering with hurt. "LET ME GO!" I shout, but I hear something unzipping…

And I see a hairy ugly cock right in front of my face. I almost vomit, it's pubes are green and it's atrocious. "NO!" I say, and he takes a pistol out. He points it between my eyes, "Suck it, bitch, or I'll blow your freaking brains out…" I almost cry as I do this, it's so disgusting. I slip my hands around the thing, and I suck it slowly. Instead of salt, it tastes like vomit. I cough when I see green dripping on to the floor, and I finally vomit. He shoots me in the arm, and I fly back. "AGH!" I cry.

He laughs, and throws it on the other side of the room. He walks out, his cock still hanging out. I vomit all over the floor, and I end up having to sleep in it.


I groan as I wake up in a room, it's dark except for a weak light hanging above me… slowly swinging from the chain. I cough, and I try to move my arms and legs, but I can't! I look around, my nerves frozen… I'm in a chair, my wrists are bound to the arm rests, and my feet are bound to the legs of the metal chair. I try to break free, but in vain. I start to cry, why am I here?!

Why did my life suck so MUCH?! My mom had grounded me for kissing my boyfriend up in my room, so I gave her the finger and ran. Okay… my breathing was quick, and I ran away from home. And then there was this weird guy… and he laughed at me and asked me what I was doing. I said I would give him a blowjob if he gave me some food and work. He nodded, and when I got on my knees… everything got fuzzy.

I groan in panic, trying crazily to remember what happened. Oh gosh, I can't remember. I CAN'T REMEMBER! I start to cry harder, tears slipping down my face… but I freeze when I see a metal table right next to me. It has surgical tools on it, a knife with crusted blood, a scalpel, a screw driver, and a drill. I gulp, but then I snap my head towards the door when it opens, letting in a wave of nauseating yellow light.

"WHO'S THERE?!" I scream, "LET ME OUT PLEASE! LET-ME-OUT!" The door slams, and I see a girl in a bunny suit walk out. She laughs, she's overweight and has greasy oily eyes. She asks me if I feel sad that I ruined my mom so, and I shout that it's none of her business and to let me out or I'll kick her ass. She just laughs again, and kicks me hard on the leg. I groan in pain.

"STOP IT!" I cry, tears streaming down my face again. My heart beat so fast, I was only 17! I didn't deserve THIS! She takes the drill, and she slams me back onto the chair. "NO!" I scream, but I see her taking the drill to my eye. "AHHHHHHH!" I start crying, it hurts so bad, and the electrical sound of the drill is pounding in my head. I want to DIE!


AHHH! I start sobbing, as something wet falls onto the floor. My heart skips several beats as I see my eye ball staring up at me from the floor. I start gasping for breaths, and then I slowly faint out to the girl's laughing.