No, this isn't my journal. It's fiction D. Reviews aren't necessary, but would be appreciated. Thanks.


IT'S OCTOBER, THE MONTH OF HALLOWEEN. So, I've decided to try out this secret journal thing… but I just hope it doesn't land in the wrong hands. So I'm going to lock it in this chest I'm going to buy! I'm a genius! Well, my name's Mary Fluorescent, and I'm a freshman in high school. I work at a shop that's apparently rated 'GEEK'… Candleman… but I wear this giant hood so no one sees me. I'm brilliant.

It's not like I really care if I get GEEK status, because I already kind of have one… but that's okay! I live with my mom, my dad, and a sister that's in senior year, my sister is SO annoying. Her name is Macy, and she talks on the phone to her stupid friends ALL the time. And she goes through these really weird phases.

I'm lucky I'm not her! For Halloween, I'm going to be Macy, just to shake her a bit. My mom makes the best food, and won the 'Mary Suzie Homemaker Award.' My father is a shorter than my mum, which is a weird thing… but my mom is pretty tall… like six feet. He's stout, but fun and cheerful. We have a small company, Bellworks Toys Company.

Today, I spotted that jerk Cross Valentine, and his ditzy girlfriend, Selena Jeans. Well, they DO make a pretty good couple… agh, I hate him! I used to really, really like him though. Since he was best on track, tall, lean but muscular, and was on Principal's honor roll… but really, once you get to know him-ugh. So they were walking past Candleman, heading to Hot Topic, and I felt him looking this way. I was so nervous.

I ducked under the table and got yelled at by the manager. That Cross Valentine… why, I ought to kick his butt! Well, he is kind of cute right?


School today was horrible. When you're a freshman, unless you have powerful friends in the upper grades, you're going to be 'trashed'. It's this stupid tradition they do to freshmans every year! It's SOOOOOO stupid! First, they beat the living crap out of you, and then they stuff you into trash cans and duct tape the lids. Oh my gosh… I don't want to be jumped! I know! I'll just ditch school for a month or two…

Argh, there's really no way out of this is there? Oh, and my sister is the worst sister EVER. I was just talking on the phone, and then she picks up and goes "MARY, GET OUT OF THE FRICKING PHONE!" And I go "No!" and she goes "GET OFF THE PHONE!" Like a dragon lady. I bet she breathes fire.

GRR. No one disrespects Mary! So then I say "No." and then she comes downstairs, and she throws her little lip gloss at me. I take it, and it's "Cinnamon flavored". If they made lip gloss that was booger flavored (if such a thing could exist?), then I would rub it all over Macy's face on the day of her little dance… so she could be like "AHHH!" AHHHAHAHAHA!

Grr. Also, my best friend Julie signed me up for track auditions! Gosh, it's tomorrow! I'm going to hate it! I hate track! But apparently, she felt lonely, so she signed me up on the list for me to accompany her. "You probably won't even get on team anyway, right Mary?" she asked. Yes, I won't get on team… not in a world's chance, and oh, guess who's one of the judges? That's right- Cross Valentine.

And in the hallways, I was at my locker, just rummaging looking for my history book, which I think someone STOLE! AHH! AHHHuhhum…. Back on subject, which I think someone stole, and I saw him and his little girlfriend. And I thought there was something on his face, like a booger sticking out or something… so I kept gazing at him cluelessly till we locked eyes. And there was nothing on his face. So I just smiled, and went back to my locker… hoping he hadn't noticed that I was staring at him.

I hope he doesn't think I like him or anything.

Because I don't, okay? Besides, he has ENOUGH fangirls.