never mind, daddy dearest

"everyone's been scared to death of dying here alone"

sings jon foreman in my ear as you yell at me again

daddy dearest.

if i died you wouldn't care.

you do everything in your power

to completely sabotage my life,

daddy dearest.

you couldn't care less about me

or my friends

or my interests

or my life.

reducing your darling daughters to tears

doesn't even phase you,

daddy dearest.

and you wonder why i hate you.

you wonder why i never talk to you.

you wonder why i don't want you around.

you wonder where daddy's girl has gone.

but daddy dearest,

i'm right here,

and you don't seem to care.

never mind the fact that i hate school right now.

never mind the fact that i have a life full of disappointments.

never mind the fact that i feel alone at frickin' home.

never mind the fact that i am tired.

never mind the fact that i am tired of just plain living.

i guess it's just easier to think that i'm

just going through a phase

and that i'll be fine in a week.

sure daddy dearest, i'll be

just peachy in a week.

remember those words?

it's my favourite from the black,

dark and dreary "suicide poem",

as a lovely clarinet-playing jenna likes to call it.

do you remember that one, daddy dearest?

oh wait,

you never got around to reading it, did you?

never mind,

daddy dearest.

…and jon foreman decides to sing the blues again.

a/n- as you may have imagined, i got rather furious at my father the other night. after he was through yelling at me, my mind got back to the music i was listening to. "nothing is sound" by switchfoot is an awesome album. i highly recommend it. i'm still kinda angry at my dad... i can't think of a time when i'm not. thanks for reading! -xan

ps-no... wire... HANGERS! EVER! ;-)