Written Wednesday, September 20th, 2006
Written By: Fallacious (c) SUBJECT: Love

Life will always,
ever so slowly,
fade from our finger tips.
The ever-rummbling stream of time,
that clock that never stops ticking,
won't wait for us any longer than a second;
we grow up,
we live,
we love,
we hurt.
We are humans,
and we all feel emotions,
we all paint out own picture.
With me,
will you paint me my picture?

Why wait to do the rules,
why bend ourselves to everyone else?
Why do we have to wait for them to catch up to us,
to make this all so much more difficult?
This is our life,
this is our chance,
we won't have another one,
and let me spend this one chance I have
with you.

Take my hand,
and look at the stars above us;
I can see our future thrown across the sky
like a blanket laid out for us to rest.
As our days go by,
will you think of me?
As our life goes on,
will you dream of me?
When it is all said and done,
will you return to me?

We are humans,
and we only live once.
Paint my picture with me,
just this once,
so I will always remember you.