A/N: Oh no! I've become one of those people, the ones who post things they've written for English classes. This was written for creative writing. What I'd most like feedback on is the stanzas, do they make the poem more or less understandable?


My band director says
Jazz is the only American art form.
I am watching, seeing, thinking of you.

You are jazz
Your smooth notes slink through life
Sideways while the rest of us walk straight

You smash our patterns,
Our chords,
Our harmonies.

You are the seventh note
Sharp, not natural.
You are challenging, alluring,

Forever young, exciting, and free.
Each part of you is unpredictable,
Even as a complex pattern is drawn.

Classy enough for the concert hall;
Stylish enough for the streets;
You stun and shock

Even as you gather followers
You breathe life
The busy, bustling, full parts

I see you as out of my comfort-zone;
You are not
The soft, slow, emotion-filled melodies of my life.

You dance around me
Sharp and harsh
Where I am smooth and mellow

If I try to follow
Your notes, staccatos, and rhythms
I will not measure up

Nevertheless I find myself making
A life-long goal to understand
Just a bit of you.

You and I are not alike,
But I'll forever continue
To watch you in wonderment.