I've known Parker Rosdale for eleven years so it's safe to say that I know every single facial expression he has even when he doesn't show it. When we're about to get into trouble, his grey eyes would darken and the smallest of smiles would appear on his face before changing to a worried look which is totally fake. Or when he's happy, those grey eyes would lighten up in a flash that you wouldn't see it if you blinked but a smile wouldn't appear. When he's amused, his left eyebrow would shoot up and the right corner of his lips would rise up to a small smirk. When he disapproves of something his eyebrows would form a V over his eyes and his lips would be set in a tight line. And of course, when he's up to something, the only thing active on his face were his eyes. They seem to fire up while his face muscles don't even flinch.

That very facial expression was what he donned the last week of summer break at a cafe we promised we were to meet each other every weekend of the summer.

I couldn't help but notice that he had a certain gait to his stride that, although common, had a certain purpose to it. It was going to be a gait I would not forget anytime soon. I took in the time he slowly made his way to our table to take in his appearance that day. His dark brown hair was spiked up, save one strategically placed lock of hair hanging down, touching his upper set of eyelashes. He was dressed in a navy green T-shirt which hugged his six pack body nicely and his dark blue jeans hung off his slim hips to wrap around slim long legs. All in all, he was one handsome devil.

As he gracefully; everything he does is graceful because he grew up with parents who are both dancers and etiquette masters, slid into the seat opposite mine, he made a pyramid of his fingers. He leaned forward and I took that as a sign that he wanted me to listen carefully.

'I have a proposition for you.' He says with a slight French lilt.

And of course, when you know someone for eleven years, you know the words they use to start something good or bad. The last time he said those words, both of us ended up staying overnight in lock up. Til now, I'm glad my father doesn't care about me...much

I crossed my arms over my chest as I leaned in my chair, an eyebrow raised.

'I want you to be my girlfriend.'

By that time, I knew he was off his rockers. I also knew that this proposition would not benefit me whatsoever. He either wanted someone to get off his back or he wanted to make a statement. Either way, he was using me.

'This would do what for me?' I asked, doubting his thinking mechanism today. Although I never do that, since he was a thinking machine and brilliant at it, today just wasn't one of those times.

'Nothing. I need to get someone off my back.' What did I tell you? I knew it had nothing to do with me.

'Your frankness is refreshing but what gave you the impression that I would agree to it?' I'm usually not this snappy with Parker because he was my best friend but really, have your best boy friend come up to you and tell you that he wants to use you and you've got one disillusioned teenager to expect concurrence.

'It was either you or Josephine Randall.'

Queen Bitch. Whoops...did I say Queen Bitch? I guess those words and that name are synonymous to me now.

I released an inaudible exasperated sigh. 'I am so glad you asked me before her.'

'Actually, I got a slap from her and cold lemonade on my face.'

Sometimes, I really hate my best friend. But don't worry, it's just sometimes.

'Have I ever told you I hated you?'

'Two weeks ago when I told you I lost our All-American Rejects concert ticket.'

'Glad you remember.'

He ditches the pyramid and copies my position. 'I'm guessing that's a no.' His voice had a distinct emotion that I couldn't comprehend but I let it slide.

'That's a hell no, Parker.' I said calmly as I ditched my own position to lean forward with a frown on my face. 'Did you really expect me to say yes to that ludicrous idea?'

'You're my best friend, I had expected so.'

My head dropped to the table with a dull thud. 'This is not what being friends are for, Parker.'

'Fine...I'm sorry I even asked. Adieu Mademoiselle.' I heard scraping and clicking heels and when I looked up, I saw Parker almost at the road junction but he stopped when I called him back. I will regret this until I die...I know it. I just do.

When he came back, the triumphant glare he had made me want to slap him.

'It would only last for a month because I've calculated that her feelings of being receptive towards me would wear off within that period of time and besides, she won't even think of touching me if she knew it was you I was dating because I mean…let's face it. Being second to the Ice Queen? And all we have to do is publicly kiss whenever she's around or at least enough for rumours to spread. Your benefits are that you get to ride in my Lexus to and from school everyday and you can show off that talent for acting you're always bragging about.' The acting part appealed to me, but...

'And...' of course, someone like Parker would always have more than that as rules.

'We'll have to go to the mall and hold hands and act like we really are a couple.'

He lost me at mall.

'Deal's off.'


'Don't you dare use my middle name to get me to accept whatever shit is formulating in your head, Parker.' If our eleven year friendship meant anything to him, he wouldn't even mention that 'M' word to me. And if he even knew me, he would know that using my middle name would get him nowhere.

'Camryn please.'

'If we even step into that place...' I had on my warning tone that he understood and sometimes successfully scares him.

'Anywhere but there.' He nodded once and I shook my head.

'A month you say?'