The hype about me and Parker did not die even after two days of seeing us canoodling each other.

I could feel Phoebe's stare boring holes into the back of my head each day. I was even granted a second glance by the Bitch Queen.

I think it was the first Thursday of the week that I couldn't handle the stares anymore that I broke down. It was during break and Parker and I were reading Roald Dahl's Revolting Nursery Rhymes for the heck of it. The canteen was unnaturally hushed and I could feel people staring and pointing at us. I grabbed the book and slammed it shut on the table. Satisfaction filled me when I saw a few people jump in their seats. 'Good afternoon girls and boys of all ages.' I bellowed. I felt all eyes on me and for once it didn't freak me out. 'Now I know that most of you already know me as your resident Ice Queen and contrary to popular belief, I have feelings.' Parker held on to my hand but I shook it off. I looked down at him and smiled. 'Parker and I have been best friends since the second grade and don't you think that that's long enough a time for him to thaw me out?' I swear I heard someone coo at that. Jeez... 'Now if you could all please stop staring at us like we're some bacteria under a microscope, we'd like to finish our breakfast.' I sat back down and opened back my book.

'That was something...' Parker muttered. The canteen buzzed back to life.

'I already told you I am a brilliant actress.' I mumbled from the corner of my mouth. A sideways glance showed me that Parker had put the tiniest of smiles on his face.

That put a smile on mine.

Phoebe and her posse of clones came up to me after that impromptu talking down. I was alone since Parker had to go to the bathroom before we headed to our next class. Her friends had a look of disgust but Phoebe had a sweet smile on her face. 'Hi, Cammie...mind if I call you Cammie?'

I raised a tentative eyebrow. 'Sure.'

'Sweetness!' she giggled. 'Well, I just want to say that I'm happy for you and Parker.' Sure you are... 'And I also want to point out that I wouldn't be held responsible for if he gets stolen.' She patted my shoulder and walked off with her gaggle of followers laughing behind her.

I didn't know what to make of that except that the feeling of punching into something really hard became an obsession by the time Parker came back from the john's. He must have seen my deranged look because he nudged me, asking me what was wrong.

'Phoebe Daniels is trying to steal you away from me.' I said with a murderous look behind Parker's shoulder. I smiled when the left corner of his lips twitched. 'Shut up, you know I love you too much to let anyone take you away from me.' He gave me an undecipherable glance before pulling me towards the direction of our next class.

Nothing much happened after that break incident so the day smoothed by really quickly. I even paid attention to the teachers, something I never used to do. I mean, why subject yourself to someone droning on so boringly about phototropism or Shakespearean language when you get the highest score every time you sit for the test? I have a body full of arrogance and I'm not afraid to use it.

So when it was time to go back home, I was kind of surprised how fast time flew. But that didn't stop me from being the first person out of class. I hovered at the doorway, waiting for Parker. People who came out of the class had looks of apprehension. A junior actually jumped and held her hands up in surrender, saying 'I didn't do anything!'. Poor kid...I can't help it if my reputation precedes me.

Finally, Parker came out with a throng of wannabes trailing him from behind. The others didn't take too kindly at Parker nuzzling my cheek. Parker didn't take too kindly to the snort I emitted when he nuzzled my neck - it effing tickled okay?! - that he didn't realise the people behind him had gone, casting glares in my direction. What are their problems?!

'It doesn't really help anything if you keep doing that in front of people you know.' He reprimanded me. 'Shut up. We're trying to convince Phoebe not everybody else.' I glowered at him. 'And everyone in this school knows that Phoebe is too shallow to make decisions for herself and would rather take everyone else's opinions for her own.' Parker shot back. His eyes seemed to dance with fire. Why is he so worked up about this? G-AHD! Sometimes I wonder why guys aren't the ones with PMS all the time, they sure act like it 99 of the time.

But the better person in me decided it wasn't something to argue over so I pinched his cheeks and threw my arms around him. That proved to be a bit difficult since Parker's a six-odd foot giant and I'm a mere 5.8" girl. It worked anyhow since a smile carved its way to the sides of his lips as he descended upon my neck. It took me a bit to realise that Phoebe was behind us. That was the reason for the neck molesting. I have to get the hang of this. Is this really what a relationship is filled with? Lust-filled activities between two very hormonal teenagers? Oh right...yeah. That's pretty much it.

'Get a room.' I heard a high pitched squeal from behind me which I made a point to ignore. When Parker stopped kissing my neck, I turned and found that there wasn't anybody left.

'Shall we go now?' I turned to look at Parker who was frowning. 'What is up with you?'

He raised his eyes to look into mine and I gave him a questioning and concerned look. He shook his head with a smile that I knew was forced. I chose to follow my instincts to not prod him further, which I've done our entire friendship. Guess I've grown immune to it.

'Come on...let's go.' Parker touched my arm gently before walking in the direction of the school's parking lot.