Warnings: Non-con, child abuse,

"Are you going to hurt me too, Mister?"

In this hell, where the eyes of the civil world could not pry, age truly was nothing but a number. It was in this place that men and women could give in to their darkest, basest desires. If they desired a child, then they would have a child. If they wanted a young woman or a man, then they would have that too. And if a dead body was left behind after they were finished it was replaced by a younger, fresher face.

It was in this place that he had been left behind by an old master. At twelve years old, Douya knew what was expected of him. The men with their lecherous smiles and hurting hands did not scare him. In fact, he welcomed their harsh words and cruel touch. He felt pride when he made their cocks swell with his small experienced mouth or hands. When they used his body he would bear their punishment silently and focus on their pleasure. No matter how much it hurt he always took it with a smile.

Because when they returned the next day, and the day after that, it meant that they wanted him.

They would tell him as they fucked him that they needed him. That no other whore here could make them feel the way he made them feel. They would rut him like an animal, and each time they filled his body with their seed they would shout and yell their pleasure. And he would smile and take their painful hot seed and thank them afterwards.

He wasn't like the other whores. He did not want the trinkets that they brought him. That was another reason they all liked him so much. The only thing he wanted from them was their declarations. He wanted to hear them say that they wanted him and needed him.

Those that could not say it were those who soon found themselves suffering his passive-aggressive wrath.

On the day he met him, Douya was sure that this was a man that would need him too. Out of all the other children, he was the one that the man approached. A strange man with a blindfold hiding his eyes; Douya was sure that the man would hurt him.

And he did.

It was the first time he had ever felt such pain. When the man revealed his eyes Douya felt a pain that was indescribable. His body felt hot and cold at the same time. He babbled and screamed and twisted beneath the man. His body went numb and he saw his mother and watched her kill herself numerous times before his eyes. He saw his small body, even smaller than it was now, be used by those men who laughed and set their beast upon him when they could no longer use him themselves.

After that he saw nothing. That was his future. Nothingness. He would be alone and there would be no one to want or need him. He would be all alone in the world.

A life without being wanted or needed.

A life not worth living.

The darkness kept him for two weeks.

When he awoke he was no longer in that filthy cell. He was in a room lying on a bed that felt like a cloud, and staring up at a canopy top with a dragon painted on it. His filthy gown had been replaced with a gown of silk. Someone had cleaned him also. On the nightstand was a tray with a meager meal of scrambled eggs and bacon, but to Douya it might as well have been a buffet.

He sat up and grabbed the tray and began to eat the scrambled eggs with his bare hands. His stomach tightened and lurched but he refused to slow down. If there was food here, then surely there was someone that would come by and take it.

"You have no manners."

The voice stopped him cold. He set the tray down and stared at the man from before. His body shuddered as he looked up at the man's face. The blindfold covered the man's eyes and the boy was thankful for that.

"Are you going to hurt me, Mister?" Douya asked; it was a conditioned response.

The man smiled as he walked over to him, and Douya felt a chill run down his spine when the man cupped his cheek.

"Yes," the man said, his voice low and deep. "But I promise you this."

The man bent down and Douya shivered as the man's warm breath blew on his ear.

"I will be the only one that ever hurts you again."


The mirror shattered into a thousand pieces as past memories fused with dreams and turned them into nightmares. Waking in a cold sweat, Douya reached out for something that was no longer there, his eyes wide with fright as he saw things from the past. As he took in his surroundings he muttered a curse and pressed his hand against his face. His body shook, but he held himself back from sobbing.

Why would he remember those things now? Hadn't his master-no, his ex-master promised that he would take those horrible memories away? So why did those memories rise now like a phoenix from the ashes?

Before he could suffer from his awakened memories any longer, he felt Razioul's presence. His eyes widened in surprise as he took in the broken pieces of mirror that reflected the candlelight. He could tell that Razioul was in none of those pieces.


Razioul's weight was suffocating as he was pressed down into the mattress. The creature was now completely humanoid. He could feel the creature's fingers digging into the soft flesh of his neck and smiled as Razioul succeeded in cutting off his air. As his lungs began to burn and his vision wavered he smiled. This was a pain that he was familiar with. Physical pain he welcomed. The pain he felt after being betrayed by someone that had promised to own him forever, was a different matter.


Razioul's voice was rough and gravelly. The way the creature said the word made Douya wish he had the air to laugh. The creature thought he was pathetic? Then what did that make Razioul? After all, Razioul was his mirror reflection. Everything he felt, everything he desired, all of that was mirrored inside of Razioul.

Which was why the creature could not kill him.

Douya involuntarily gasped for air the second Razioul released his neck. He laughed; a soft, not-entirely-sane laugh that sounded hollow to his ears.

"Yes. I am very pathetic" he said, his voice a painful groan. "But so are you. You're pathetic just like me."

He laid his arm over his eyes and pretended that he wasn't crying.

"It's so stupid. I don't even care about him. I don't love him" Douya muttered to a no longer listening Razioul. "I just don't want to be thrown away…"

His voice sounded so pathetic. If Lydriel was here he was sure the man would laugh at him. After all, isn't that what he had done to Lydriel numerous times?

"He promised he wouldn't throw me away…"

Razioul snorted in disgust and the weight lifted from Douya's body. He heard the creature shuffle around the room and turned over onto his side as the candles were snuffed out one by one. When he heard the door open he laughed quietly. Would Razioul leave him too? He supposed the creature could stay here and go on to live in one of the upstairs rooms. He was sure his ex-master would enjoy having a new collection to his living toys.

"I never knew you were this pathetic."

That voice, cold as ice, paralyzed his entire body. He shivered in his bed and felt the cold despite the thick coverlet that covered him. It was not a natural chill. This was the kind of chill that could only be produced by magic. The kind of cold that crept into a person's body and drove them to throw themselves into fires to escape it.

The mattress shifted slightly as new weight was added to it. The door closed before the light from the hallway could reveal Douya's night time visitor. However, he did not need to see a face. The cold was a telltale sign. There was only one creature in this world that could produce this kind of cold.

"It was so nice of your pet to remove the wards," the voice whispered as he was flipped over onto his back. A pair of hands gripped the sides of his head and forced him to look upwards. "He had such a sad little face. What have you done?"

Douya wondered if the man spoke the truth. If Razioul thought he had tried to kill him, then maybe Razioul was feeling the same pain that he felt.

"Master, I…"

"I'm not your master anymore," the man replied in a gentle tone that felt condescending to him.

The teen felt anger rise in him at his ex-master's words.

"Then why are you here?! Why have you come? Don't you have Jessui?" Douya shot back.

His former master laughed and Douya felt the man's lips brush against his.

"I have Jessui. I've had him seven times since he came here" Xinasuya said with a soft laugh. "I am here because I want to make myself clear to you."

Despite the hatred he felt towards his former master, Douya's body still reacted as he felt the man's hand slip beneath the blanket and caress his body. His breath hitched as his former master's cold fingers slid over the naked flesh of his thighs to disappear beneath his sleeping gown.

"You're here to fuck me," Douya said, his cheeks splashed with pink.

Xinasuya laughed, and the boy twisted beneath him as he wrapped his hand around the boy's flaccid penis. The coldness disappeared and was replaced by a burning heat.

"You have such a crass way of speaking. It only shows how low-born you truly are" Xinasuya said with a sigh. "I've always admired your spirit. I won't allow you to disappoint me."

Douya's body betrayed him as he responded to his former master's ministrations. He moaned softly as the man continued to toy with his body. He took every kiss and returned it with growing passion. When he was finally hard and ready he grasped Xinasuya's arm and pleaded with his eyes.

When Xinasuya rejected him it felt like the ultimate betrayal.

"Give me one last show, Douya" Xinasuya said as he pulled away. "Allow me to hurt you one final time..."


Two weeks after his wounds were healed, Douya left for the city of Jehuty with Jessui.


Meanwhile, in another part of the mansion…

Lydriel shuddered as he wrapped his arms around Hugh. There was more than one of them released from their rooms tonight. He buried his face against the teen's chest as Douya's screams reached his ears. Hugh, on the other hand, just chuckled and wrapped his arms around the older man. The screams did not bother him. It only reminded him of his time back at the slave house.

"How can you laugh?" Lydriel asked, his voice distressed. It was not like his master to punish someone, and his master never used those creatures to help punish someone.

"Because it proves that I was right," Hugh said with a grin. "Your master is no different from all the others."

Lydriel glared at him, but in the darkness of the room it was a useless gesture. There was much more he wanted to say, but he did not want to anger Hugh again. Now that he had Hugh again he needed the teen and would do what ever it took to keep Hugh with him.

Even if that meant killing his master.

"When we're free we won't have to worry about any of that bullshit," Hugh said as he tightened his arms around Lydriel. "We'll take enough stuff so that we won't have to worry about money ever again."

While Hugh's words were inspiring, Lydriel could only sigh softly. How did he plan to escape this place? How did he plan to kill someone as powerful as their master? Regardless, Lydriel knew that he would help him no matter what. He would rather die with Lydriel than be forced to live without him.

"When we're free you'll be my master" Lydriel said as he pushed Hugh onto his back and rolled on top of him. "I'll wear your chains and bear your marks."

Hugh grinned as he gripped Lydriel's hair and pulled so that the man's head snapped back. "No. I'll be your god. You'll speak my name like a prayer and show your piousness by taking my pleasure."

In the Old World, some people believed that consuming their enemy gave them their enemy's strength and knowledge.

In this world, however, Hugh knew by experience that the belief was true.


It would take months to get to Jehuty, but luckily, the closet city had a small teleporter that would allow them to transport to the next city, which would cut the trip down to only two months. The only problem was that using the teleporter was a major risk in itself. The technology was still unstable and there were few in the city that actually knew how to use the magic required to make the thing run.

When they arrived in the city of Mychele, the first thing Douya did was locate the nearest inn. It was a nice two story building with gaudy decorations on the outside, and hideous color clashing decorations on the inside. Just being in the place gave Douya a headache, but for some reason Jessui seemed pleased with it.

There was only one room available, but Douya was too tired to care that he had to share a room with Jessui. The innkeeper had stressed that the room had a very big bed that could easily accommodate the two of them, as well as any activities that they might want to do. The man had winked then and Douya had dragged Jessui towards the lift before he gave in to the urge to empty his stomach all over the man's shoes. The thought of doing anything with Jessui made him physically ill.

"How long will we be staying here?" Jessui asked as he struggled to carry both of Douya's two large suitcases, as well as his own small duffel bag.

"No less than two days," Douya muttered as he stepped off of the lift and began down the hall. His body still ached and he wanted to get some sleep as soon as possible.

Two days. Jessui repeated it in his head as he followed behind the older teen. In the short time that had passed since the boy had first arrived, a great change had occurred in him. Now, instead of looking down at the floor and staying silent, he boldly looked at the person when he spoke. The boy was no longer afraid of people either. The only person he feared now was his master.

"What is Jehuty like?" Jessui asked as he waited for Douya to get the door open. "Is it a big city? Lydriel said that it was as very pretty place. Have you been there before?"

The green haired teen sighed loudly as he pushed open the door and walked inside. Just when had the boy turned into a chatterbox?

"Stop asking so many questions," Douya said as he walked over to the bed and sat down. It was good, but not as good as his old bed. 'No, I won't think about that. I have enough money to buy myself a thousand comfortable beds' he thought to himself. "I'll tell you everything tomorrow. Now, put those things away and go to sleep."

With a wide smile on his face, Jessui did as Douya told him to do. He would let the older teen rest, but tomorrow he would make sure the older teen answered all his questions.

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