It just Engulfed me

You and I and Sargasso sea, but laden thick with glittergold maples and the cement sidewalk of my off-street at dusk. I had splutter stammered and ohidontknow all around what I really meant but - but you, you were Cordelia, you were Hemingway - and if that thing is too big to force from your heart then please tell me now - or no, say nothing at all, please say nothing at all. You had it right the first time.


your plum cold lips press mine, fumblesweet wine in your gasps - though I must have had two more than you. Oh yes I did I guess I have that excuse for falling into the woolen plaid of your shirt perhaps smelling for too long the apple green of your hair most certainly grasping too hard at your crisp peach warm waist I really did drink too much of that wonderful stuff

it just engulfed me.

Yes, this isn't incredibly original in style or otherwise, but I gave into my silly romance side (I usually do).

I like this for now, though. I'd forgotten how different short stories (VERY short ones) are to write in comparison to novels.