Lay Yun's POV

"Get your ass out here now!" my stepmother cried out.

"NO!" I yelled back at her.

She came barging into my room and started screaming at me.

"I'm your mother now, and since I am now, you do as I say!"

"Why should I listen to a slut? You're not my real mother. You may be married to my father, but that does not make you my mother, and if you do anything to ruin this family, I swear to my life that I won't go easy on you than I am right now."

I talked back giving her the evil glare. She just stood there, astonished and left. I don't care if she's cries or tells my dad because like I said before she isn't my real mother.

My name is Chun Lay Yun. I'm 14 years old right now. I have semi long black hair and I'm quite fit. My mama died when I was very young and since my ma ma died, my ba ba met my stepmother Lum Chi Ling, and soon after married her. I love my family, and my ba ba but not her. All she brought to my family is adversities. Sometimes she whacks me with the wooden stick, but I don't care. It may leave scars, bruises and red linings on my body, but nothing hurts more than being alone in solitaire. I miss my mama so much, I wish that she lived and we can have a normal life, have days where mother and daughter share interests, but I can't have that normal life. The only thing I have in memory of my mother is a silver heart key shaped diamond necklace. My ma ma had a tumour and she died from that when it was too late to do treatment. My ba ba is scared that I might get the genetic and have the tumour, and he scared that I would leave him. But I told him that I will never leave him, I'll always be daddy's little girl no matter what.

My grades in school drop, but I'm trying to bring them up. My ba ba told me many stories on how he met my real ma ma and how she was beautiful and really smart. He told me that she was even smarter than the guys in her school. So because he told me this, I want to be just like my mama, smart and beautiful, but I know guys in my class won't fall for me, they're too immature.

All the girls in my class are drooling over this guy named Wong Got Fay. Okay I have to admit he's handsome and smart, but he looks too reckless. I mean he flirts with all the girls in class, hitting on them and telling them dirty jokes. He doesn't even know I'm in his class, better yet he doesn't know me. I'm the type of person who doesn't talk or care much, just breathe in the air and live. People say I'm too dull and have no life. I would talk back and say what makes their life any better than mine, but then I didn't say that cause if I did, they would cry. It wouldn't really matter now, since summer break is about to end. I'm stuck at home, doing chores for my wicked stepmother, but that doesn't stop me from going out to the pool. I saw a lot of people from my school. All the girls are wearing bikinis and checking out guys as they walk by. I'm just lying down on the chair by the deck making fun of them in my head. Then, right there, I couldn't believe my very eyes. It was Got Fay! He was drowning in the pool! Everybody just stood there, watching, motionless as if this was TV.

I thought to myself, "Where is the life guard?"

Apparently he went to the little men's room. I knew I had to do something, so I dived in, swam to Got Fay, wrapped my arm around his chest and swam to the nearest deck. I laid him on the deck gently, he wasn't breathing! Everybody around me started panicking saying he's dead! But I knew better than to listen to those fools. I did CPR on him. Got Fay felt a gust of air coming through his mouth, he opened his eyes a bit to see a beautiful figure, rescuing him, then he started coughing out water. I saw Got Fay coughing out the water, and since his okay I left the crowd, but I didn't realized that my necklace came off as I ran off. When Got Fay finished coughing out the water, he turned back to where the mysterious girl was, but she wasn't there. He tried finding her everywhere, but she was no where to be found.

"Who was that girl" he thought.

Got Fay knew he had to find this girl, for he had to return something that belongs to her, a silver heart key shaped diamond necklace.

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