Lay Yun's POV

A month has passed, and my 'friendship' with Kee Mun grew. We went to school everyday and talked a lot on what's going on in life. From time to time I would scare him when I suddenly 'falls asleep' but I always make an excuse saying that I gets really tired easily. I was invited to Cheen Hin's wedding, which was happening tomorrow I asked him if Got Fay was going to be there and he replied that he was. Not long ago I met Wai Lum again and apologized to her for my behaviour back then, but she said that I was the one who woke her up, we instantly became friends and were in good terms. Today I was going out shopping to find a dress and a present for the couple. Luckily I was able to find the perfect dress, a light purple silk dress, which made my curved hip noticeable. I walked out of the store happily, but as soon as I stepped out I felt dizzy I fell backwards thinking I was going to make yet another collapse on the street. Suddenly someone caught me, I was so dazed out that when I looked up I saw Kee Mun.

My eyes widen and I quickly stood up on my feet, "Kee Mun. I'm so sorry! Me and my tiredness." I laughed.

"You should really go a doctor, you worry me sometimes." He sighed.

"I did. The doctor said I just need sleep and I'll be good as new!" I lied as I smiled.

"Well if he says so. So what are you doing?" He asked when he noticed my shopping bag.

"Oh this? I'm just shopping for clothes you know, what normal girls do." I laughed again.

He laughed as well, "Well it was nice seeing you. I hope you don't mind if I run off."

"Not at all." I replied and waved good-bye and he ran off. After he was completely out of site I leaned against a wall and held my aching head.

It was the day of Cheen Hin's wedding and I was preparing everything. I put on my dress, put on make up and curled my hair and pinned it up. I checked myself in the mirror, "Today was the day I would see Got Fay again." I smiled happily. After I see him I'll do my surgery. I drove in my Honda Civic to the wedding, which was crowded with people! When I went the ceremony started, I looked around the church from my seat in search for Got Fay but he didn't appear. There was a little buffet outside the church, when I saw the now married couple I gave them toast.

"Hey you lied to me. Got Fay didn't even show up!" As lectured when I Wai Lum went off to take pictures with her parents.

"Don't worry he told me he would absolutely come. He called me that he would be a little late anyways. Don't worry Lay Yun, he will show up!" He said.

"YO CHEEN HIN!" I heard a man yell from behind me, "YO GOT FAY! GUY WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG!" Cheen Hin yelled out walking towards Got Fay. I didn't dare turn my back to see Got Fay until after they finished their brotherly hug.

"So who's that lovely lady you were talking to Cheen Hin?" Got Fay said so loudly that I started laughing. I turned around being so happy that I would see him, but suddenly frowned.

"Lay Yun? What are you doing here?" The supposedly Kee Mun asked dismayed.

"I SHOULD ASK YOU THAT SAME QUESTION 'KEE MUN' IF THAT EVEN YOU'RE REAL NAME!" I shouted. I was so outraged that I stormed out of the wedding and headed towards the parking lot.

Got Fay grabbed my arm, "Wait Lay Yun listen please!"

"What for? You lied to me even though you knew it was me! I can't believe this." I said blocking my ears with both hands.

Got Fay grabbed both my hand and jerked it down, "I only lied to you because I didn't want you to run away from me! You know that I love you even back then when I kissed you, you felt it to didn't you!?" He shouted.

"SHUT UP! JUST SHUT UP!" I screamed to him covering my ears again as I squinted my eyes.


"Please…just…shut…" Before I could finish my sentence, I fainted.

I woke up in the hospital slowly opening my eyes, "God not here again…" I groaned.

"So you finally woke up." Got Fay said sitting beside me.

"Oh god…" I moaned.

"How could you lie to me? So all that time you were supposedly falling asleep you really fainting?" He said raising his voice.

"Pipe down, this is a hospital." I said sighing.

"So how long." Got Fay calmly sighed.

"Half a month left. But I'll be doing surgery today, and the success rate is really slim." I said.

"This can't be happening!" Got Fay started tearing as he covered his mouth.

I placed my hand on his cheek, "Look. It can't be helped it's genetic." I said tearing. I took his hand and placed on my chest where my heart was beating, "You feel it? It's racing because of you. Everytime it beats three times, it says 'I love you' when you feel it." I smiled.

"I have something to give you. I've been trying to find this person, but I don't think I ever will." Got Fay said putting both his hands behind his neck. He took off a necklace, took my hand and placed the necklace on it.

I took my hand and held it letting the necklace swing, "I don't believe it! My mother's necklace! Where did you find it?" I happily said smiling.

"I found it after some girl saved me from the po-. It's you!" He said eyes widened.

"Huh?" I asked puzzled.

"You were the one who saved me when I was drowning!" He exclaimed.

"Well yeah…but I didn't-" But before I could finish Got Fay kissed me.

"Thank you…" He smiled happily.

Not long after Got Fay and I were coping, a nurse came in and stuck a needle in one of pipe that was placed on my hand. I was placed on a separate bed and was wheeling down the hall with the nurses guiding me to the surgery room. Got Fay was there with me the whole time, holding onto my hand as I was several meters away from the surgery room.

"I'll wait for you." He said as I finally reached the room, our hands were separated as I entered the door of faith. I still wore my mother's necklace as a last request from my doctor.

Got Fay waited and was anticipated to know what was going on in that surgery room. He wanted to be by Lay Yun's side, letting her know that she could do it.

"DOCTOR! Heart rate is dropping!" One of the nurses cried out.

"Her temperature is also dropping." Another nurse stated.

"She's losing blood fast!" The male nurse said.

Hours upon minutes passed, Got Fay sat down holding onto his head afraid of the outcome. Finally the doctor came out. Got Fay rushed to the doctor constantly asking if Lay Yun was okay and the surgery was a success. Both fell silent as a little girl solemnly sang down the hall.'s the last chapter :'(...well it's not technically over yet you still need to know what their fate is...which we be revealed to you in the epilogue:D YAY GO EPILOGUE! I'll be posting it soon so please bear with me and wait patiently. Thank you. And Thanks to all my friends for taking their time out of their busy schedule to read my story :D

Sincerely, Rukia :3