Lay Yun's POV

My eyes slowly opened, finding myself in an odd room. I looked to my side, seeing a life monitor hooked up to me. I looked to my other side to see a beautiful sunny day outside the window. The door suddenly opened to reveal my stunned father and stepmother with tears in their eyes.

"You finally woke up!" My father cried, rushing to my side and held my hand.

"w-what happened?" I asked him bewildered, as I held my bandaged head.

"You've been in a coma for 2 years. You're 22 right now." My father explained.

"Wha- but how? My surgery…my blood…"

"Your stepmother provided you with the blood. She had the same blood type as you and your mother so you were able to live so for long." My father yet explained again.

I looked over to my stepmother, her complex was as pale as snow. I felt contempt towards myself, all the things she sacrificed just for my sake.

"Thank you a lot Ma." I softly said, smiling. My stepmother covered her mouth and started weeping, she quickly came to my side and held onto my hand.

"Ba, did a young man come visit me? His name is Got Fay." I said anxiously.

"What are you talking about? No one else visited you except your stepmother and I for the past 2 years!" my father asked, bewildered.

"So…everything was a dream?" I muttered to myself.

A couple of days passed, the doctor examined me (did MRI) and I was fine. I would be able to leave the hospital a week after because the doctor still wants to do some more examination just to make sure. I sat down on the bench outside. There were many patients, visitors and nurses outside. I looked up at the sky, clear, beautiful sunny day, neither too hot nor cold.

I looked down at my hand where I was holding my necklace. It gleamed as the sun touched it.

I looked at it with dismay, "It was all a dream during the coma. So is there really no Got Fay?" I gave out a big sigh and headed towards the hospital. I was halfway to my assigned room when I suddenly realize I wasn't wearing my necklace! My hand touched my neck in search of my heart shaped key diamond necklace.

"Where is it?" I frantically looked around the hall.

Then I realized that I might've left it outside on the bench. I ran outside and saw a youthful man, about my age, picking up my necklace on the ground.

I ran towards him, "Um...excuse me." I politely said, tapping his shoulder. The young man slowly turned around and my eyes widen, "Got Fay?"

"The young man had a puzzled face, "How do you know my name? I don't remember ever meeting you." He said.

The world beneath my feet, shattered and I fell to the endless depths of space. But I know well that what we ever had together was just a dream to see his face again, I was felt bliss.

"No we haven't. It's just that you resemble my friend so much." I replied calmly, thinking telling him I met him in a dream would be idiotic.

"Is that so…Uh well this must be your necklace." Got Fay said, handing me the necklace.

"Thank you…" I smiled and received the necklace from him, "So…what happne4d to you that made you end up here?" I asked politely, gesturing at the hospital with arms up.

"My leg, I had an accident during my varsity soccer game." He indicated, pointing at his leg.

We started walking towards the hospital, "I'm sorry, I never caught your name." Got Fay said, smiling at me.

"I'm Chun Lay Yun." I stated, shaking his hand.

"Nice to meet you Lay Yun. I'm Got Fay, but I guess you already knew that." Got Fay said, blushed while he looked aside as he scratched his head.

I couldn't help myself but laugh as we re-entered the hospital. Although what I had with Got Fay was just a dream, I still believe that we can be more than just friends. Besides I don't think everything was a dream…

"Be careful with him Cheen Hin." Wai Lum cried, walking along the field handing her newborn to Cheen Hin.

"He's so small!" Cheen Hin snickered.

The happy couple laughed as they walked together out of the hospital with their baby.

Well that's the end of the Key of Faith. Kind of upseting isn't it how Lay Yun and Got Fay never actually met...except in Lay Yun's dream o.O... Anyways I'd like to thank all the readers for your support and patience :. Don't worry I'll write more stories that come to mind...and try to finish them if I know how to write the next chapter.

Have a good day, week, month and year

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