I've realized that I still have a crush on the guy I had a crush on since grade 6. How long has this crush been, better yet how long will it last?

I can still remember the first time I met him too. It was when I was 8 years old at summer camp in July, I remember getting in trouble with one of the instructors and had to be sent to the main lounge. I sat down on the wooden old chair and looked to my side to see a dirty boy with stains of mud and grass all over him. I started at him thinking what got him into trouble. He suddenly looked at me and smiled.

"You're probably thinking what I'm doing here, aren't you?" the boy asked still grinning.

I didn't know what to say, it was as if he totally read my mind.

I stuttered as I replied him, "Y-y-yeah."

And that's when I got to know him, Mike Jones, honey coloured eyes and dark brown hair. His mother is Cantonese and his father is white, he also has a little sister named Cherry who's 4 years old.

That time in summer camp, I really got to know him how he was rebellious to his parents' saying and fought back. Cause of his behaviour he was sent to this summer camp. I felt like I could totally communicate with him, I told him about myself and how I ended up in a dump like this summer camp. It's quite a long story, you wouldn't want know.

From that day forward that was the Mike I knew. It turned out we went to the same school in grade 2, but we never saw each other. Ever since grade 3, we've been in the same class! How lucky I am, seriously.

My name is Gwen Riku Wong, but just Gwen though. You can obviously tell I'm Asian by my name right? My dad is from Hong Kong and my mom is from Beijing. My great grandmother was Japanese, so you can say I'm ¼ Japanese, neat eh? Before my great grandmother died she wanted one of her great granddaughters to be named after her, so I guess I was the lucky winner. That's not the only thing either. I have two older sisters who are unbelievably a pain in the butt! Although they think they live by their own life and rules, when really they're still living under my parents' money and roof. Sad. Until they have the required money to buy themselves their own house, they live under the same roof as me! Ah! They'll be stuck in misfortune as long as I'm here with them, but then again I want them out of the house, so I can have peace and quiet in the house when my parents go out for work. I'm 15 going on sweet 16 soon in December 16. Black long layered hair with strawberry red highlights and brown eyes. My personality is something I don't know how to describe. I guess I'm quite creative, sportive, intelligent, empathetic, and quite a tomboy.

My three years in high school so far is good, except the fact that wherever I go, I would see girls of all ages drooling over Mike. I don't know what's so good about him. His great looks…his charming grin and smile or his built up body. Oh god! What the heck!? I thought I was over him last summer! Oh hell with it, I admit it I like him so what? It won't change anything in my daily lifestyle. A girl like me could never get a glamorous life Mike lives in school, he's a total rebellion and girls dig that. Sometimes when I walk down the hall, to next period, I would see Mike and sometimes he would grin, but I don't know if he was grinning at the girl behind me or me. I'm pretty sure it was the girl behind me though.

When I see girls, wearing their mini skirts and spaghetti strap tank top, hugging Mike all over like they were intimate lovers, it weather makes me feel envious or depressed. But what popular girl wouldn't? All the popular girls put their body all over him as if they were performing a lap dance. God it's so sickening! How I survived up until now is still a question to me.

But then something happened after school…

"Who do you think you are?!" the long blond hair, Selena, yelled at me as she shoved me to the lockers.

"Yeah…!" her two minions, Chelsea and Vicky, yelled.

"How dare you look at Mike that way!? Smiling at him, fantasizing. It's disgusting and unforgivable! I'll tell you this and only once. Go near my man again and I'll box you like no tomorrow. These injuries you've sustained are just minor, so be careful and wise up, bitch!" Selena advised as she slapped me across the face once again.

She left with her two minions, leaving me alone in the hallway as I held onto my red swollen cheek. I didn't shed a tear, because it'll just show my enemies how much more of a weakling I already am. I lifted my backpack up to my shoulder and picked up my books from the floor. I started walking towards the doors when I suddenly stopped in my tracks. I looked ahead of me and saw Mike standing with a guilt look on his face. That's the first.

thx for reading until next time...你有良好当日(you have a good day)