A couple of months have passed and my leg recovered. Gosh you wouldn't know how difficult it was to have a sprained ankle for a month.

I walked out of the school doors and almost slipped on the snow covered ice. Winter. A beautiful season, but due to global warming there were hardly any snow, and if there were snow it was dirty. The temperature outside was not as bad, but still a little chilly as I wrapped my scarf around my neck.

My left coat pocket started to vibrate and I frantically took out my cellphone, "Hello? Lana?" I asked, after looking at the caller ID.

"Hey Gwen, it's been awhile hasn't it?" Lana giggled from the other end.

"It really has and Christmas break is finally here!" I excitedly said on the phone. As I walked down the street people glared at me as if I was the strangest person.

"I have good news!" Lana excitedly sated.

"You're coming back to my school?" I guess all hyped up.

"Um…not exactly. I'm gonna hang out with you all Christmas break. My mom and dad are gonna be out of town for business, so…" Lana hesitated on the phone.

"You're planning on having a party aren't you?" I asked, standing still on the street.


"You just rolled your eyes didn't you?" I asked, with a grin on my face.

"Maybe…" Lana joked, "Okay! Guilty. So you'll come?"
"I don't know yet. I'll have to ask my parents first."
"Okay then…I'll talk to you later. Bye hun."

"Bye Lana." With that we hung up.

It's been awhile since Lana and I hung out together, but hosting a party? That's unlike her. Has she changed during our separation or does she just want a 'little' fun but it didn't matter to me if the party was going to be wild, if there was going to be underage drinking, teenagers violating things, or if teens were doing drugs. I mean normally I would not attend to those kinds of parties but I wan to spend time with Lana as much as I can before we go back to school

Lana called me that night and we discussed on what kink of party it was and who was coming. We ended up with the party being formal and Lana surprising me on the guest list and my Christmas presents –even though I insisted not to-.

I asked my parents if I could sleepover at Lana's house, making excuses I haven't seen her in such a long time and that it'll take place on News Years Eve. Miraculously they allowed me and I anticipated for the week to come. I scurried upstairs to my room and found my formal clothes; white spaghetti trap tank top, black blouse, white jeans and high heeled trapped shoes. Not too shabby. I can't wait what'll happen.

Day of Lana's Party

I arrived at Lana's house early because well, she told me to. The door opened, after I rang the doorbell, and out came Lana in a beautiful Le Château white dress; the skirt flowing and caressing her knee, the strap tied around her neck, her hair curled and put up, and shiny diamond earrings.

"So what do you think?" Lana asked, twirling around.

"Um…absolutely fabulous!" I complimented, feeling a bit envious.

Lana's expression turned from happiness to suddenly a frown of disappointment, "You don't plan on wearing that to the party are you?" She scrutinized.

I looked down at my formal clothing, which I had worn before going to Lana' place.

"Um…yes?" I gave her a faint smile.

"Oh no you're not."
"I'm not? Then what…"
"That's a surprise. Come with me, I'll give you your present." She sled me to her big house, which pretty much felt like mansion, to her grand-like bedroom. I sat down on her comfy room and looked around. It's been awhile since I last entered her room, which was nearly a year ago.

She went over to her closet and threw several clothes as if it was a treasure hunt, "Um…Lana, what are you doing?" I asked, looking skeptical.

"I'm…uh…here it is!" She exclaimed, taking out a wrapped up present, "Merry Belated Christmas!" She held out the present to me.

I tore the well wrapped present and opened the box. My eyes widened and my mouth practically dropped to the floor! I was petrified; speechless.

"You don't like it?" Lana asked, pouting.

"No. I love it really...but I-"

"So you'll wear it tonight?" She gleefully asked, her eyes glistening.

"I suppose so." I smiled weakly. I looked won at my lap where the beautiful creamy yellow-white dress laid in the box, anticipating I'd wear it as its Cinderella. I felt a knot in my stomach and for some reason I had a bad feelings that something is going to happen at the party.

Slowly the guests, or wild teens looking for a wild night out, came into the grand house in their formal attire, well most of them (i.e. guys wearing white t-shirt and tie). I could hear the booming brass beat of the music from the dressing room I was in. I stared at myself in the silver framed mirror on the wall. I couldn't believe I was like Cinderella; my hair slightly curled and put up, 4 cm white ribbon silk straps, my back barely show with strings criss-crossing as if it was a corset, the bottom dress slightly puffy fowling down to my le Château white strapped heels. Slight make-up put on my face, shiny bracelet and necklace. Boy do I look like a princess of the ball.

I gave out a big sigh, "You can do this Gwen," I put my fists up and gave myself a determined glare at my reflection.

Already Lana was downstairs greeting and reconciling with her old and new friends. I walked downstairs, apparently even the stairs was part of the dance floor. I struggled my way down there. Some guys were being total idiots whistling behind me and making unnecessary comments, such as, my number, lame pick up lines and so forth. I had no idea what I was doing down here. I was anxious to do something, no. I was anxious to look for someone. But it suddenly occurred to me that it wasn't possible for him to be here. I felt a light tap on my shoulder and my heart instantly started to pound. I smiled that I was a wrong and slowly I turned to face him.

"Wow, Gwen you look absolutely stunning!" Nathan commented, eyes wide with shock. My smile slowly faded.

"Oh. Nathan. Hey what are you doing here?" I asked happily, trying my very best from sounding as if I'd wanted to run from him.

"I was invited, practically almost-"

"Sorry Nathan I got use to the ladies room." I scurried off.

"Everyone was invited…" Nathan muttered as soon as I left.

How left I am for this crowded party to get away from Nathan. No offence to him, it's just that I felt awkward when I was with him. I walked into the rest room, disappointed. Hunching over the counter with a gloom look reflection, I blew a strand of my hair dangling in front of me. I lightly slapped both my cheeks.

"Get a grip of yourself. No time to be thinking about him of all days." With that I left the rest room and into the party. Already I saw people drunk and gambling. There were some familiar faces, but non I was searching for. I went upstairs to get changed and just try my best to sleep, since I was sleeping over at Lana's house. I was halfway to Lana's room when yet again I coincidentally bump into Nathan in the hall. He was just leaning against the wall, and just sitting there with a gloom look as if he was missing something. I gave out a big sigh and walked over to him.

"Not having fun I presume?" I sat slowly beside him, keeping a distance.

He looked at me then stared at the wall, "Um…not really."
"Why the long face?" I asked, trying to make small talk while I plumped my chin on my hands, laid on my knees.

"What if a guy you like didn't like you back?" Nathan said suddenly. I jerked my head up and was shocked. He possibly couldn't have known how I felt.

There was a long period of silence, we both stared deeply into each other's eyes.

"You're…not…gay are you?" I questioned him out of the blue, acting dumbfounded.

At first Nathan gave me a stern look, then her burst into laughter holding his stomach with his arm, "Oh Gwen. This is what I like about you." He wiped away a tear from the corner of his eyes.

"Heh…yeah. I'm quite funny. I guess." I chuckled lightly.

"To tell you the truth I like this girl but she's in love with another guy who's way too good for her, he fools around most of the time." It seems anger started to flare as he talked.

"Wow. This girl must really have it going huh?" I asked, feeling pity.

"Yeah. She's really intelligent and gorgeous. She's stunning everyday when I see her, but she's more stunning tonight."
"She's at the party?" I gasped as I suddenly looked at him, "What are you doing sitting here for? Go ask her to dance!" I tired shoving him to stand up.

Nathan grabbed on of my arms and gave me the look that made me felt guilt, those eyes that showed despair.

"I could dance with her right here." Nathan still had a grip on my arm and I started to feel tense.

"Huh…I…uh…" I stammered, trying to find my words, my thoughts. Suddenly I felt a pair of warm, firm lips touch mine and my thoughts came back. I shoved him off of me, rubbing my lips with my forearm.

"What are you doing Nathan?" I shouted at him, anger flaring inside me

"You still don't get it after those hints?" He asked, shunned at the interruption in our kissing event.

"What hints?" I spat out angrily.

Nathan drew closer to me again, "I like you Gwen. No. I love you. I can't get your out of my head ever since middle school."

My body started to feel much tenser as it was before, "Are you some type of stalker or something?" The words just came out before I could process it in my head.

The words shot him and he stumbled backwards, and then he suddenly became…sad, "Ami still not good enough not even what Mike has put you through?"
This time his words pierced me, "Leave Michael out of this." Anger still pulsing through me.

"Tell me Gwen, is Mike really worth it? Is Mike really worth living for? Even worth getting run over by a car?" He shouted out in despair.

I didn't know why I would do such a thing, but I slapped him across the face, "Shut up!" I screamed, tear flowing out. I quickly got up and ran downstairs to the backyard of the house. I wiped my tears off my arm.

Outside was dark, but beautiful. The garden was magnificent; fountain glowing in the center and flowers scattered in a specific area. I sat on the marble stone bench on the huge porch with only the house light as my way to see.

"Are you alright Miss?" The voice asked. It was familiar –tender, yet broad-. I turned around slowly and saw him standing by the doorway as he eyes suddenly widened.

"What happened?" Mike asked, looking at me from the doorway.

"It's none of your business Michael." I told him trying not to look at him in the eyes; my back facing him.

"Gwen." He said, sitting beside me as he placed one of his hands on my cheek and wiped the tears that were running down, "Please?" Now his voice was in a soft, comforting tone.

"Michael, please just leave me alone okay?" and I reached my hand up to take his hand away from me.

"Gwen, this is killing me." Moving his hand in again, "It's really killing me, you know that?" I was now confused. Yeah we've known each other since we were kids, but the way he talks to me now, the way he touched me, it feels different.

"How…?" I whispered turning my head to look at him right in the eyes.

"I- " he paused, seeming like words are just stuck in his throat and resist on coming on, but then it actually seemed like he didn't want to say it anymore.

"Michael, it's okay, you don't have to say it." And I got up from my seat and walked towards the door.

"Gwen, hold on," He said grabbing my wrist and pulled me back. My head was on his chest and his arms wrapped tightly around me .

"Gwen," He whispered in my ear, "I love you"

"Gwen" Michael whispered, "I love you." I heard it rerun in my head and I just stood there in shock, and then his head lifted as if he was looking up at something.

"Hey, Gwen." I looked up at him and he was smiling down at me, his arms still wrapped tightly, "We're standing under a mistle toe." My eyes widened and before I could say anything he closed in and placed his warm soft lips onto mine. There was a sudden shout from indoors counting down from 10. But my attention wasn't on them, it was on Mike. My eyes slowly weighed down until they were shut and automatically my arms wrapped around his neck and his grip around me became tighter. Then the fireworks flew embroidering the night sky, dancing its way to its end.

"Happy New Year!" People shouted in unison.

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