Title: Lola

Author: kimper

Songfic to Lola by The Kinks, Written by Ray Davies.

All original and mine aside from the song lyrics in italics.

"Come on Stevie, come out with us tonight. Pleeeease?"

Damn but Marcus just wasn't gonna quit. He'd been doing this for the last half hour, like we hadn't gone out last night. Just leave me be already!

"Dude, I need a break. Seriously. Work has been shit and I'm tired. Sleep sounds like about the best thing I could do right now."

I'd been working like crazy, waiting tables at a nearby café. It was grunt work, but it got me by. The people and the tips were really good. I'm just bitchy 'cause the waitress who usually works the lunch shift with me is on maternity leave. It's really a cool place, especially for my first job in the big city.

"Come on man, come check out this new club with me tonight and I promise to quit bugging you for like a week. Cool?"

Dammit. Go or sleep. Go or sleep. If I could really get him to leave off for a week, it'd be worth it - a week with real sleep and having time for coffee in the mornings because I'd wake up with the alarm; definite nirvana if it would truly happen.

"Okay Marcus. Tonight, seven, meet me at my place. And if you break your promise this time, I will really, truly, forever hate you. Now go away and let me enjoy my free afternoon. I'll see you tonight."

Marsha, my boss, felt bad for all the extra hours and let me go after the rush. She took over the tables and told me to go and be free for a bit. Dang but I love that woman, too bad she's married.

"Oh and hey Marcus, you're buying my drinks tonight bitch. See ya later."

I give his open mouth a jaunty little wave and leave him standing on the street corner. I'm twenty three and plenty old enough to walk myself home. Now what to do with a free afternoon, there were so many choices. But the glaringly obvious one is, of course, to take a nap. Go me.

"I met her in a club down in old soho
Where you drink champagne and it tastes
just like cherry-cola C-o-l-a cola
She walked up to me and she asked me to dance
I asked her her name and in a dark brown voice she said lola
L-o-l-a lola lo-lo-lo-lo lola"

Well, for a new club, Spritz is pretty hoppin', bodies packed in like sardines in a can. Dang but this joint does seem pretty nifty, plenty of hot chicks dancing and drinking and having a good time. And not sleazy like some of the places we'd tried. No obvious prostitutes and no open drugs. Seems like a pretty clean place… Well as clean as a packed club in Soho can be. One big plus is the good drinks. Not the watered down crap half the clubs pass off and charge out the ass for, but strong and good. Well mixed and tasty. Thank heavens for spiffy bartenders.

Now I've got my drink and I'm set. We got here half an hour ago and Marcus has been gone ever since. Last I caught sight of him he was chattin' up some blonde at the bar. Go Marcus. Now to see what I can find.

I'm not vain at all, I'm a fairly average guy. If by average you mean a bit short and scrawny. Okay, a bit like a tiny scarecrow with crazy red hair that could technically be tucked in my belt. Yup, I get all the chicks, let me tell ya. Hah! If only. But it's all good. I'm not too concerned with "quick fixes" and lasting is just plain hard to come by.

"Hey cutie, you wanna dance?"

I glance over my shoulder and there's this gorgeous woman staring at me expectantly. What the hell rabbit hole have I fallen down? Don't get me wrong, I'm not ugly or anything, just average. But this girl is a knock out! Go me!

"What's your name?"

Can't help it, I'm a details person.

"Lola, sweets. Now you wanna dance?" she asks, cocking her head toward the dance floor.

Her voice is amazing. Deep and throaty with a rasp that's sexy as all hell, but a bit less feminine than I would've expected.

"Sure Lola, let's hit it."

"Well I'm not the world's most physical guy
But when she squeezed me tight she nearly broke my spine
Oh my lola lo-lo-lo-lo lola
Well I'm not dumb but I can't understand
Why she walked like a woman and talked like a man
Oh my lola lo-lo-lo-lo lola lo-lo-lo-lo lola"

As soon as I agree, strong hands pull me forward. Damn but Lola could probably snap me like a toothpick if her grip is any indication. But her body, her body is the hottest thing I've seen in a month of Sundays. She's beautiful.

She turns to me and starts breaking it down. Girl can dance! Now to get my groove on, such as it is, on. My hips start bumping and my heart is pumping to the beat of the music. I'm sucked right in. I'm sure I look pretty odd boppin around but hey, music moves me, just unfortunately not in the same ways it does everybody else.

Lola stops, looks me up and down then jumps back in. I close my eyes and just let it take me, shimmying all my worries away and just enjoying the moment. Pretty soon I feel arms coming around my waist and a warm body rocking against my back. Hot breath caresses my ear when Lola starts whispering along with the song and shivers race through me. When one hands slips toward my belt I turn. As beautiful as she is, overnighters aren't for me. And for the first time in my life I'm sad about that fact.

One look in her eyes and I'm lost, she's got these smoky brown eyes that just seem to go on forever; like I can keep looking deeper and deeper and never find where they end. Her lips are turned up in a lusty little smile and suddenly I can't breathe. What the hell is happening to me?

The song ends and she pulls me to her for a hug. Apparently her hands aren't the only strong thing about her. My spine cracks and protests a bit at the gut squishing embrace and she whispers in my ear that it's been nice before swaying away to her own beat.

Now I'm a lot horny, a little nervous, and definitely confused. I'm so attracted to her it's not even funny. Lola's slender hips are waving so nicely and she walks like a cat, all grace and feline limberness. But her voice, when she'd whispered in my ear, had been deeper than mine - a dude's voice, rough and a bit raw, like a man with definite needs.

I can't help myself and follow after her, those swinging hips still haunting my vision. It's like she's teasing me, reeling me in, without even trying. A natural, which means she's probably over my head. But hey, I can try.

A waterfall of dark brown hair is now sitting at a barstool. Definitely Lola.

"Hey Lola, can I buy you a drink?"

She looks me up and down then grins happily, like she wanted me to follow her over here.

"Sure hon, that'd be great."

We get our drinks and take them over to the corner. The room is packed and space is hard to find, but eventually our persistence pays off and we spot a tiny abandoned table by the wall. Probably left because it's the closest to the restroom hallway, but hey, beggars can't be choosers. We rush toward it and get there just in time - a couple of guys around my age were making a beeline that way. They both toss us frowns and turn around.

"Hehe. Glad we beat them. It's nice to sit down for a bit. So what's your name sweets?"

Oh yeah, smooth Steven, haven't even told her your name.

"Hi Lola, I'm Steven, nice to officially meet you."

I stick my hand out to shake and she grins, sliding her fingers across the back of my hand before rubbing our palms together. Her skin's so soft against mine, smooth and nice. Dang, I've got to keep myself in check.

"Well we drank champagne and danced all night
Under electric candlelight
She picked me up and sat me on her knee
And said dear boy won't you come home with me
Well I'm not the world's most passionate guy
But when I looked in her eyes well I almost fell for my lola"

Well a few drinks and a lotta dancing later, I can't help but grin. Girl can move and boy has she. There's something about her though. It feels like we've known each other forever instead of a few short hours, sappy as that sounds. We've laughed and kidded like old friends and the awkwardness I felt before has melted away. She's made me comfortable and I hope I get to see her again.

"Heya Stevie, wanna rest for a minute?"

She looks up at me with sparkling happy eyes and I can't resist. Time to watch her walk again as we head for the corner. She's got the nicest ass I can remember ever seeing and work it she does.

Luck's with us and there's a few tables empty at this late hour. It's got to be way past midnight by now and she's showing no signs of slowing. Whatta woman.

She pulls out the closest chair and sits, legs parted a bit, grinning at me. Wonder what's up now? I find out though, when she grabs me by the waist and pulls me down on her lap.


The squeak in my voice is embarrassing. Someday I may be smooth, but that day certainly ain't today. I'm pretty new at this and I'm sure it shows.

"Hey Stevie, why don't you come home with me tonight? I promise to be on my best behavior," she says with a wink.

Man, what am I supposed to do now? My brain is screaming no one night stands but the rest of me is cheering. Girl just had to do this didn't she? But ya know, I'm really, really new at this. As in completely new. As in I'm probably the only twenty three year old virgin left around here. And I'm lost.

Girls have never gravitated to me like they did my friends. I always figured it was my slim build, aka I'm tiny, and lack of social grace, but hey, we can't all be smooth. Now to figure out how to not fuck this up.

"Um, Lola, you wanna dance again?"

Great job Steven. Stutter a bit and you'll have her falling at your feet. Yup, smooth.

"Honey, let's ditch this place. We've got better things to do," she whispers in my ear, using that honeyed rasp and I'm a goner.

Bye, bye brain, hello Lola.

She presses her glossed lips against mine and I know I'm blushing like a sunburnt beet but if feels so nice I can't help a little moan. Strong hands push me gently but firmly off her lap and next thing I know we're heading for the door. My brain is still functioning enough to remember Marcus and a quick glance shows him to have disappeared. Nothing new that, so it's time to go.

She's leading and I'm following and I'm all twisted up inside. Somewhere between horny, nervous and thankful lurks a bit of relief that she's taken charge. This night would definitely not be happening if it weren't for that. I mean, what the hell would I think to do? Dance. That's what I'd think to do. Bop around til our feet were blistered and then call it a night. Thank goodness she's the assertive type.

Well that's the way that I want it to stay
And I always want it to be that way for my lola
Lo-lo-lo-lo lola

When we get outside, she sticks a finger and a thumb in her mouth and lets loose the loudest whistle I've ever heard. But damn if a cab doesn't stop in five seconds flat. I really need to learn that trick, but something tells me that Lola knows a lot that I wanna learn.

Girl hikes up her skirt and shows some fine thighs, winking at me over her shoulder as she crawls into the cab. Go me! And of course me being the most graceful thing on two legs I snag the toe of my shoe on the lip of the door and fall face first into a pair of boobs that… smash rather flat when I land. What the hell? They poof back up when I scramble into my seat but real boobs shouldn't do that should they? I mean, inexperienced or not, that seems a bit wrong. A big bit wrong.

She's looking at me and her eyes look a little hopeful and a little scared and a lot resigned. I definitely think I'm missing something now.


This woman with seemingly balls bigger than mine suddenly seems shy and lost. Makes me feel bad, I don't want her sad, but I really wanna know what's going on.

"Um, Stevie, I'm sure this is odd for you. I mean you don't seem like you've done this much, but can I just ask that you stay until we get back to my place. Even if you just come in for coffee, I'd really like a chance to talk to you."

She's looking at me with big brown eyes that are begging me not to leave. How can I say no to that?

The taxi driver is watching us with wide eyes in his mirror, I'm not sure if he saw what happened or not, but when he smirks at Lola I just wanna smash his face. I may not know what's going on, but he has no reason to look at her like that. All hundred thirty just so frightening pounds of me are ready to jump his ass until I feel a soothing palm on my arm.

It calms my nerves a bit for some reason and I can't help but put my hand over hers and just squeeze. The muscles flinch but then relax and she flips her hand over to link with mine. Smiling softly at her, I grow a set and lean in for a small kiss. She grins bigger than anything and licks my lips, tongue teasing the seam until I crack and open up. Lola tastes amazing, a mixture of sweet drinks and something a bit spicy like cinnamon. A lick or two on her part and I'm shivering like crazy, man what she's projecting with that tongue.

Her hand moves over and starts stroking my thigh and if kissing made me shiver then those fingers are making me twitch like hell. I pull back and see the driver eyeing us again in his mirror. Asshole.

"Hey Lola, that coffee sounds really good."

Yes for complete, not too squeaky, not too stuttery sentences. Progress! I'm so grown up now.

"Okay Stevie. That's cool."

The driver pulls over and I see that we're in front of a pretty decent looking apartment complex. It seems fairly clean and there aren't any scary people hanging out by the front entrance so that's a good sign. Not that I can talk. Hell, I work at a café. You don't want to go to my apartment without a can of mace handy. Trust me.

She pushes me a bit and I realize that we need to get out on my side. Way to go Stevie, duh, if she went out her side she'd probably get smooshed. I fumble a bit with the handle and then we're out and on our way in. My nerves are making my guts twist and my dick twitch and please let me not screw this up.

Her place is up on the fourteenth floor but thankfully there's an elevator. It's empty at this time of the night, morning, whatever it is, and we hop right in. She's fiddling with her pocketbook a bit, running her nails over the strap and picking at the zipper like she's nervous. Time to try and fight past my nerves to help her with hers. I'm sure I'm gonna just rock at this.


She looks at me with what seems like millions of questions in her eyes. Maybe I shoulda just stayed quiet. Great job Steve.

"Um. I'm sure the coffee's going to be great, no need to, um, be so nervous about it. I suck at making coffee, half the time the grounds end up in it cause I screw the filter up somehow and I'm sure you're better at it than I am."

Wonderful, now I'm rambling like an idiot. But the coffee thing
is true. I suck at the whole kitchen bit. Where's my momma when I need her?

She just smiles at me but her whole face looks brighter, like maybe I've done something right, and it feels good.

The elevator stops and we stare at the doors, almost like we're waiting for our sentence to be handed down. It's just weird. Seems like something big is coming, but I'm not sure about this fuzzy feeling in the pit of my stomach. Almost like I'm about to go on a journey into a different realm or something. But momma always did say change was good, to embrace it and revel in it. I'm such a man, thinking about my momma at a time like this.

I follow her down a dimly lit hallway and she stops at one of the doors toward the end. A set of keys and a turn and we're inside.

"Welcome to my place Stevie. Let's make that coffee."

She heads for the kitchen and I trail behind, taking in the artwork along the way. She's got some nice pieces, a bit odd, but nice. Color seems to be a big thing for her. There's splashes of magenta and bright blue and lime green all over. But it suits her. She's pretty bright and shiny herself.

"Regular or decaf?" That smoky voice calls out from the kitchen.

"Regular, if that's okay. Decaf just makes me want to sleep."

"Definitely don't want that, regular it is then."

She chuckles a bit and I hear the faucet turn on. She's humming, sounds like some of the music we'd danced to earlier and I'm hoping she's not still nervous. I mean why the heck would someone be nervous around me?

Soon enough the coffee's done and Lola's getting it ready.

"Cream or sugar Stevie?"

Man but that rasp is gonna kill me.

"Yeah, lots of both Lola. I love it sweet and creamy."

My friends have always teased me about my "candy" coffee, saying that a "real" man would take it black. Hah. Shows what they know. Hopefully anyway.

While she's bent over reaching in the fridge I can't help but eye her butt. It's so perky and round and just yum. I've always had a butt fetish, not that anyone could ever tell, but when they're just so perfect like that, it makes me hard as a rock. I almost wanna go over and grab a quick feel, make sure it's really there after the boob incident. But there isn't a way to stuff your butt, is there? I really, really hope not.

A couple of minutes later she's got two steaming mugs in hand.

"Let's head into the living room. We can curl up on the couch and chat. That sound good?"

I look at her and she looks at me and it feels like something is between us, and invisible string pulling us together.

"Sure Lola, that sounds great."

Girls will be boys and boys will be girls
It's a mixed up muddled up shook up world except for lola

We're settled in and chatting now, and man is this comfy and crazy at the same time. I meet a chick at the club and now we're curled up on her sofa and I've got my head on her shoulder and she's got her hand on my knee. Dang but I'm glad I came out tonight. Who needs sleep anyway?

"Um, I've got something I want to talk to you about Stevie."

The serious tone she's using makes me sit up straight and turn to face her. Sounds like something important and I'm so curious I can't stand myself. If I were a cat I'd so be dead by now.

She's got this calm centered thing going, like she's at peace with whatever's going on and it's much better than the nervous fiddling of earlier, but also a bit scary as well.

"I can tell you've not been around the block much yet Steve, not that that's a bad thing at all. But how many women have you been with?"

I'm blushing down to my toenails and staring at the pretty blue carpet in no time. Should she really be asking me that? Do I really have to answer that? Crap. I'm sunk. One look back up at her face let's me know how important it is. Time to suck it up and confess. Crap.

"Um, I-I've not been with anyone Lola. Ever. Um. You were my first kiss really." I just had to add that and make sure she understood. I mean, if I'm gonna spill my guts might as well make it a clean sweep. My eyes are burning holes in the carpet again and I wait for a laugh or rejection or both. I mean, a twenty-three year old virgin. That's got to sound pretty sad.

The warm hand on my arms soothes me yet again and when she uses her other hand to tilt my chin up I'm so hopeful it's pathetic. She didn't laugh!

"That's okay Stevie, nothing to be embarrassed about. We all have to start somewhere after all. But maybe I'm not the best choice for you."

What does she mean by that? She's gorgeous, a bit odd, but breathtakingly beautiful and sweet and nice. What's she trying to say?

"What do you mean Lola?" I can't help but ask. I mean if she's gonna turn me down then I may as well find out why. My brain's saying she's making the smart decision but I'm squashing that like a spider on my shoulder.

"Honey, I don't know if you've paid much attention but I'm not exactly like all the other girls around you tonight. You had to have noticed that my bra's not exactly full and my underwear's a bit stuffed."

What's she trying to say? I'm such an idiot! I don't remember checking out her underwear at all. The only time I was near it was at the club, when she pulled me on her lap. When she held me… shit! There had been a bump there, but I'd been too preoccupied with the whole I'm-on-her-lap thing to pay attention! What do I do now? I mean, what's she saying? I mean, this is getting weird. I mean…I don't know what I mean.

She must've noticed that I'm bugging out a bit now, because her hands pull away and she scoots back a bit.

"It's okay Stevie. I understand, you don't have to worry about me. Thanks for a nice time tonight."

She's standing up and heading for the door now, like she expects me to be following again. And heck, if I'm honest with myself maybe I should be following. This is a pretty big decision and shit I'm not even sure I'm in my right mind right now after all the drinks and the Lola. But as I stand up I get this feeling that if I leave now, I won't see her, him, her again. And that sums up the problem right there? Her or him? I'm so confused, I mean back home I'd never run into something like this. But she's looking back now, one hand on the door holding it open and her face is so sad.

And the one thing I do know is that I don't want Lola to ever look like that. I push the thoughts aside and with a deep breath I'm heading for the door. Her gaze falls to the carpet when I get closer, almost like she doesn't want to see me leave. And hell with it, I don't wanna leave!

I grab his arm, her arm, whatever, and against the wall we go. She's looking at me wide-eyed when I smoosh our lips together, any technique I did have going down the tubes and I push some more, crossing my fingers that she'll take over soon.

When my lips leave hers she's just staring at me like I've lost my mind. But you know what, who cares if I have? Who needs a mind when they've got Lola?

"Are you sure Stevie? I mean really, really sure?"

I grin and pull her to me and she gets the hint. Our lips are plastered together again and damn but she's working that tongue, sliding it against mine and there's no holding back the moans when those capable hands start pulling at my shirt.

A cough pulls us back to reality and we realize the door's standing wide open, a man in a rumpled business suit gaping in at us. A flick of her hand and the slam bounces back to us. Me blushing, her giggling and we're headed back through the apartment, only this time she keeps tugging my hand until we're in her bedroom.

It's a happy looking room, yet again filled with bright colors and plastered with all sorts of things. Pictures, painting, posters, and that's about all I notice before I'm pushed down on the bed and she's on top of me. And man her underwear must be stretchy. It's making me a bit nervous actually.

She's back to working on my shirt and when it's finally off we both sigh in relief. Damp lips are working their way down my neck now and she's nibbling at my collarbone. When sharp nailed fingers trace lightly around my nipples I can't help but moan, and her tongue licking my chest all but does me in.

When her hands tease my ribs and start working their way lower, she pulls back, like she's waiting for me to do something. What should I do? I don't even know. I'm hoping she doesn't want me to figure things out.

"Steve honey, last chance, you sure this is what you want?" she's sitting back on her heels and waiting for my answer. But it's only too clear to me, my mind's made up. I couldn't really care less if she's male, female, whatever because she's Lola and that's who I can't get enough of.

I grab her hands and put 'em on the waistband of my pants, we tug together and pretty soon they're around my knees and my boxers are straining to hold back my cock. She's making me harder than I've ever been and damn but please let her touch me soon.


One big grin and she's ducking down, thighs on either side of my legs and cheek rubbing against me through the cloth. My hips are jerking of their own accord and I swear I stop breathing when she licks me, base to tip, tonguing the slit at the top. And damn what that wet material is doing for friction. But she's got other ideas and the boxers join my pants around my ankles before I can say lickety split.

She sways back and forth a bit, hair zigzagging across my thighs and up to my belly as she crawls back up me. The sensation sends jolts straight to my cock and I'm swelling and twitching like there's no tomorrow. And who cares if there isn't? My entire world is focused on her mouth and hair and the way she's crawling, like a cat who knows the prey is caught and waiting, she's toying with me, teasing me. I feel like I'm gonna snap and just as I decide I can't take it anymore, she pounces and my dick's in her mouth. The feel of her tongue on my sensitive skin, with no barriers, undoes me and I'm moaning, hips thrusting uncontrollably begging for me. Take me now, just please take me now.

And oh, I don't know how much longer this will last with the way she's tasting and sucking, her cheeks are hollow as she glides up, eyeing me and I can't say anything other than her name.

She pulls away with one last lick, tonguing my slit for the briefest of seconds.

"Can't have this ending before it's even started now can we?" She says with a wink and a saucy little grin. She crawls up and lays the length of me, eyes turning serious. "Do you even know the mechanics of this Stevie? Or where you want to be?"

Whatever she says is struggling to register above the ringing in my ears and all I can do is grin stupidly at her and pull her down for more. When my tongue's in her mouth it finally clicks. Where I want to be? Here? I have this sneaking suspicion that's not what she means though.

Her hands stroking me again and I better figure this out pretty quick or who knows what's gonna happen. But damn those fingers, up and down, a little squeeze here and a twist there and what was I gonna say? When those talented fingers start venturing a little lower it jogs my memory. Oh yeah, the where of things.

"Um, Lola. Can, um, you tell me a bit more about the where?" I'm sure my skin looks like tomato soup but hey, a guy's gotta know these things. Not that I think I'll have any objections, but just some warning would be nice. Heck if I know what I'd like.

She stops and watches me for a second before answering.

"Well Stevie, the where would be in me or under me? I can do whichever you'd like, no pressure. My preferences will be there next time."

I can't believe how open she is with me, letting me choose things. For some reason I suspect others might not be so flexible. But hey, I could be wrong. Now to figure out what I want. Dammit, this is awkward. She's still looking at me expectantly and I just want things to keep flowing. I don't want to have to choose. Can I just tell her that?

"Um, Lola. I have no clue, I mean I'm totally new at this. Can we just make it feel good?"

She grins, leans down and nibbles my ear. "That I can do honey."

Well I left home just a week before
And I'd never ever kissed a woman before
But lola smiled and took me by the hand
And said dear boy I'm gonna make you a man

And with that we're going again. She's biting my neck and it's almost painful but each stroke of her tongue makes it better and her hand is steadily exploring again. When she reaches over to the nightstand I'm trying to figure out what the heck's going on, but her grin says it all. Just relax and enjoy. That's the message she's sending out so I close my eyes and just let her take charge, which is what I'd really hoped for all along.

Pretty soon her teeth are tugging on my nipple and her hands are sliding up my thighs, spreading my legs wider. There's a wet trail down my ribs and belly, marking her progress, and when she tugs the crinkly locks around my dick I'm leaking like a sieve. I have a death grip on the bed sheets and the groans building in my chest break free when she sucks my left nut into her mouth, caressing it with her tongue then moving on to the right. Whatever I did to deserve this, please let me do it again! But hey, hold on, she's not stopping. She's still moving. Where the heck? What?

"Aaaaaaaahhhhh," it won't stop. I can't contain it, she's devouring my ass, tongue spearing, thrusting, and omilord it's so good, so right. "Please. Please Lola," I'm begging and I don't know for what, but please make this better, take me over, bring me to the edge. Just please.

"All ready Stevie?" she whispers, breath against my wet ass making me shake. Anything now, just make it happen, just do it.

"Please Lola, please."

And I feel a slick finger circling me, pressing against me and it takes a second before it pushes past that tightly closed ring. I can't help but clench, it's a very sobering feeling and my body reacts on its own. Closing tightly around her teasing finger, holding her still.

"Relax Stevie, it's okay. It'll feel weird for a bit, maybe even hurt a little, but then you'll feel so good. It's worth it, trust me." She strokes my cock with her free hand and it's pleasantly slick as well.

I concentrate on loosening up and gradually she moves her waiting finger a bit, in, out, in, out and pretty soon it feels so good that I want more. I'm pushing back and she's pushing in and stroking up and squeezing and thrusting and it all feels so good. A second finger gives me pause but not for long, my body seems to know what it wants now. And it wants her. Now.

"Just a bit more Stevie, you're almost ready."

Ready, I need to be ready? Am I not ready now? What's she talking about? But then she hits this spot and I'm gasping and thrusting and shit I think I'm screaming but I can't stop to listen. And omilord there it is again! Shit!

"Lola. Lola. Lola. Please. Please." Her name becomes my mantra and damn I'm so close. She's still squeezing and stroking and thrusting and when she licks my balls I feel them tighten. My body tenses and I can feel it, just there, almost. When she pulls her hands free my head is tossing and my back is arching and crap why did she stop? Please don't stop.

I feel her move around a bit and her clothes rustling then her left hand tracing up my side, her right hand hooking under my knee pulling it up with her. Then she's there, on top of me and there's something much larger than her fingers against me.

"You ready baby?" she rasps against my ear, her voice so dark and sultry that I think I could almost come from that. A quick nod of my head and she's pushing forward and damn that hurts. I bite my lip and whimper, not able to help it, but she keeps going and I feel a pop as the head of her dick makes it in. She stops, panting against my neck and I'm trying to relax but it's so damn hard. It hurts so much more than her fingers ever did. She lets go of my knee and raises herself on the other arm then starts stroking me and it helps. It helps so much that pretty soon I'm whimpering again and she's moving slowly but surely, and I feel like I'm inhaling her, like I'm stretched beyond belief. When she finally stops I can feel her balls against my ass and I'm so full that I think I'm gonna explode.

"That's it baby, just breathe. Breathe and relax and soon you'll be feeling so good."

We're both panting and trying to catch our breath and she's being so sweet and reassuring and shit, should I think of her as him yet?

I calm down and she starts to move, slowly at first, a slight pull back and a little push forward and with each thrust she's moving more and it's feeling better. And damn it feels good and when she hits that same spot my world turns dark.

"Lola! Lola, Lola, please, more."

And she gives it to me, faster and harder than I could have dreamed possible. With each jerk of her hips she's hitting that spot and I'm screaming, legs shaking uncontrollably and it's so close. I can almost taste it. So close, right there and then she squeezes me tighter and buries herself harder and I'm falling over. My muscles tighten, my whole body's jerking and I'm coming harder than I ever have and she's gasping my name and stiffening against me and it feels so good, so right. Perfection.

A few seconds later she collapses on top of me and we're both sticky and gooey but it just feels natural. Like that's where she's supposed to be.

Her cock softens and as I feel her sliding out I'm so glad that I met my Lola tonight and I can only hope that she'll be mine forever because this feeling is too perfect to ever let go of. I may not be the smartest guy you'll ever meet, but certain things I do know. Something like this doesn't come along very often and I'm gonna hold on with both hands.

Well I'm not the world's most masculine man
But I know what I am and I'm glad I'm a man
And so is lola

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