This Last

I don't really feel inspired/

Nothing pounds in my head/

Nothing angers my blood/

A smile comes to my face though/

A small laugh comes as I think of how you make my heart ache/

Your words play like a record in my head/ Your smile forces itself onto my face/

This is the last poem about you I will write/

I hate playing games, but I could play this one forever/

No matter how bad my day, you make it all go away/

In my liking for you, I'm afraid I'm frightfully obvious/

But it's okay, I hate hiding/

I'm entranced by every word you say, every motion you complete/

If I'm freaking you out, I'm sorry/

I'll never use your name/ I'll never tell your age/

Nobody knows but you and me/

This is the last poem about you I will write/

In my daily depressions you bring me up/

You'll save my life and in return you'll kill me also/

I'm sorry I stare the way I do/ Your just so beautiful/

I'm sorry I do stupid things/ You make me nervous (Hella Nervous)/

I'm sorry for loving you the way that I do/ I have no excuse/

This should be, for your health, for my health/ The last poem about you I'll write/

I'm such a liar.