Twisted trembling triumph

seeped from the grinning fate.

She tugged at the threads of torment,

tore them from your grasp

and reclaimed them as her own.

The twittering traitor

you have become wrestled her wastefully

without a whimper of woe.

Pugnacious pride pulling you on

pleading and promising enjoyment.

Arrogant animosity arose

beneath your belligerent, brutish belly,

simply swooshing soundlessly

as I shiver with solicitous silence.

Contemptuous cackles of your scoff,

crashing and cursing my curled carcass,

leaving a lamentable labyrinth

of a once lusciously lustful lamb.

The momentous malevolence

moving your limbs towards

my mythical thread of doom,

demolished and dwindling

dreams of redemption remaining

after frivolous attempts

to revive a forsaken foe.