I've given up on you. Completely. You leave your home to morph into another being who refuses to give me the time of day. When you're here, we're perfect. You say you love me and you will never let me down. And every time you speak those words I blindly listen…telling myself that things will be different. Yet, you leave, and I am nothing. I'm merely the girl next door whom you loved at one point. Make up your mind, won't you? Because my breaking point has been reached. This is the final straw. You have mocked, abused, and taken advantage of me for the last time. I'm through being that stupid girl who believes in only one love. It is easy to learn, to love, and to forget. It's as easy to love as it is to die; it's as easy to forget as it is to live. Seems like it would be the other way, doesn't it? That love would be the difficult fate, holding it all together; making it survive. But I've gotten to the point where loving is simple and forgetting is nearly impossible. After almost 2 years I've realized that it is entirely possible for me to move past you. You've cast me off to the side without thinking twice about the effect it might have on me. Why shouldn't I give you the same respect, or lack there of?

I'm past you.

Unless you change.

Unless you want to change.

What will you do?