Let the Darkness Take You

Let the darkness take you

Control your mind and life

Let it fall upon your world

Let it hold the knife

Comfort and console you

A darkness such as this

Lift you, love you, mold you

Give your mind its bliss

Rule you, be your everything

Fill you to your end

Take away the pain you have

If only for pretend

Once it is upon you

There's not a back to turn

Quickly it will promise you

That gone is your concern

Gone is what you once knew

Everything will change

No time for regrets or tears

You're free, you're out of range

But with this sweet release

That seems without a price

Your final hand comes from the deck

Once you've rolled the dice

It won't take much from you

This 'blessing' wants no strife

Not something you will miss once gone

It only takes your life