Fallen Lovers

God I could feel you in my arms

I could feel your heartbeat against mine

Your little heart cried to be freed

But I wouldn't let you do this to me

Can't you see it's me?

I'm the one who's dying

You can't leave me like this

Without you I'll die alone

My real heart, my soul

it will die here without you

Don't be selfish dear

Don't you dare take your last breath

You may deserve your heaven

But do I deserve the indeniable hell

you would leave me in?

If I were in your place

do you think I'd dare leave?

Did I mean that little to you

That I was worth no sacrifice?

I don't believe

I can't begin to think

As these tears blur my vision

My last sight of your life

God, why are you so cruel?

You leave me here to die

You leave me with this fazed memory

He was my love

He was my life

I can't forget

I can't remember

I feel the yearning,

the longing in my heart

Lord, I may never have been right

But being wrong is the only way I could ever get along.

I knew it! I knew you'd hurt me for it

You took my angel from me before we even had a chance.

Lord, Lucifer was allowed his lovers, his fallen angels

God, where is mine?

.;! Insano !;.