I have

somethin to

tell you

because if

i don't tell you

now I'll explode

After my mom broke

us up

I couldn't stop


about you

I couldn't stop

missing you

I couldn't stop


about you

I think I be in

love with u

even though

I'm only 14

But I don't know


I never felt


like this before

You make me feel

as though

I'm wanted

I lot of guys

don't like me

because they

say I'm not pretty enough

But with I felt wanted

I don't know if this puppy love

or real love

No one ever

told me the difference

I was really happy with you

I don't care if u don't feel the same


I don't know how to tell u this

I rather tell u on your


because I don't want to hear

what u have 2 say so soon

Now I see y my mom

said I couldn't date till

I was 16


other people's

emotions are in the mix

And now I get what

she's saying

How I'm not ready

to date just yet

But time will tell

how I feel about u.