We go around thinking that who we are is okay to be. But I've learned that life is a different story. No matter how many times people tell you to be yourself. Deep inside they are wishing you to be like everyone else. The world is cruel harsh and cold. Fairt tales and wishful thinking have grown old. Todays the day you live and cry. Tomorrow is none just a day you die. Friends betray and move on quick. Leaving you to heal your bruises and licks. We all have friends but in the end we are still alone. I've found God is the only one to count on. Even then its still hard to live with the fact that the ones you love will stab your back. Love is just like a poison ripping through are veins. Life is the dungeon we're living in and the people we love are the chains. The world has grown to be a place where we have no home. Sex, money, lust and greed the world sees you and they will feed. Standing still they shoot you down. Dumping your soul into the gound. This is morbid sorry, its true. From a broken girl I want to spare you. But lifes a bitch and lifes a hoe. Pushing you down till you'll never grow to see the love that God has for us. He gave us freedom of choose and look what we have done. We chose a life where satan rules, a life where 'right and wrong' are pushed out of schools. A life where when we live we just die. So my prayer, "Dear Jesus, as I lay my head down to sleep, I pray my soul that You will keep, be my friend that i know you are and heal me from my sinning scars. Bring me to that pasture so pure and let me as a childen always be Yours."