Lessons from My Dinosaur T-Shirt.


Lessons From My Dinosaur T-shirt.

Beep beep beep. Beep beep beep. A hand rose from the tangled mess of blankets and slapped the clock, silencing it. Minutes later, the same recurring beep occurred until the owner of the hand stood up and stretched, slapping the clock for one final time.

She groaned and walked out of the room. Minutes later, back again, carrying two waffles in one hand and a tube of black lipstick in the other.

"Finally, I can get ready in peace," she said aloud. "Now, Elise, what color would you like to wear today, black, black or black?"

She found some old black pants and slipping them on, fell onto the floor. She looked around and seeing the old t-shirt twisted around her feet, found the culprit. Glancing down again, she realized, though the shirt was her favorite, it had been shoved in the closet with everything else. Now, now, that couldn't be done, could it.

The old t-shirt, now covering her upper body was just a plain purple one, with two dinosaurs, one pink, one green , hearts above their heads. Underneath, it read "true love." Elise found it at a bargain sale in one of the trendiest stores last year and loved it ever since, especially since it described her love life for the past.. Forever.

"Today seems like a "true love" kind of day," she said to herself. "Maybe today something special will happen"

Minutes later, she left her house behind and headed for the empty bus stop. Though, empty it was not. Standing in her usual spot was a boy. But not just any boy, for this boy was everything Elise ever wanted.

"I'm Elise," she said, controlling her nearly wandering eyes. "And you are?"
"Chad," he answered. "Are you a junior?"
"Yes, why?"
"I'm actually new to Central High and wanted to know if someone could bring me around the school for the day.. You know, just so I could get a run for things?"
"Oh, do you have your schedule with you?"

He handed it over, she looked quickly.

"Just follow me, you're in all of my classes. Well, expect guitar lab. I'm in piano."

As the bell rang from US history, Chad disappeared and reappeared holding the door for Elise .

"Well, I guess I'll see you on the bus later," she said.
He stared. "You're very lonely you know."
"What do you mean?"
He stared again. "You want a boyfriend.. Or at least, something special."
"I'm fine."
"You know, everyone deserves true love, especially the dinosaurs on your shirt and especially you."
Elise felt her heart rate increase. "Thank you."
"Your welcome," he said. Before anything could be said, his hand cupped her chin and he tasted her lips. He felt her return the kiss, he ended it.
She sighed contently.
"You're wonderful," he said, turning to leave.
"You too," she whispered.