A poem inspired by my love of night and its mysteries... I personally think it's kind of funny how people think that night is bad, a time of darkness when nothing can be seen. But if you simply look up, you find that you can see so much farther than you ever could during the day...


The full moon bathes the earth in light
An ethereal silver that pierces the night
The wolven song echoes out through the dark
Ringing eerily o'er the bleak winter stark

The stars so bright glitter unsteadily
Shining out 'pon the Earth's heredity
Untouched by the dirty fingers of men
The animals roam; the world is their pen

Twilight has long now been gone from the sky
Now a poke from the sun; the night will soon die
The stars disappear to make way for the sun
Morning is here; a new day has begun

The day birds are singing, the sky is bright
Safely hiding away the sleeping night
The cerulean sky is spotted with clouds
All white and fluffy, a comfortable shroud

The mist in the valleys is shrinking away
As the sun reaches Zenith, the white clouds turn gray
The rain starts to fall and the winds start to blow
Announcing a storm rising up from below

A lightning bolt strikes, then the thunder clouds roar
The wind picks up, and the rain starts to pour
The world is soon wet, seems devoid of life
Then soon a tree falls, cut by a bright knife

A little flame starts, then the tree is ablaze
Then rain puts it out, to the storm god's dismay
Then off in the distance a blue streak is seen
And gets even bigger as the storm leaves

The gold sun now hangs in the low western sky
Luna's rising once more, but isn't that high
The sky's beautifully painted with rich green and gold
The east sky is black; the night's being bold

Lingering clouds are dyed orange and pink
The colors so vivid one can't help but blink
The storm is a memory, the day is the past
The day cycle goes so remarkably fast

If wilderness' nightsongs don't lull you to sleep
The pull of the dark will drag you down deep
Listen to the wolf singing its sad songs of hope
Or let light chirps of sparrows set you at a lope

The dark night is magic, its shadows are one
The midnight is the day undone
The stars are like a shattered mirror
The sky becomes a room of fear

You can see out forever, all the white dots of fire
The lost sun shows the way to a place so much higher
No bird would dare fly there, even men don't know how
The starlight is ancient, but we see it just now

The night is the time with the most things unfathomed
More to know than the day, but we can't seem to grab them
Night's more of a mystery than day'll ever be
And yet there's so much more that we can see