I miss the touch of sun
She always looks at me now
Her friend does too
They have cool dusty eyes
And smiles that turn crimson
Then orange, then brown
And all those smiles on the ground
And I miss the cool breeze
On the hot days
And the hot smoke
And the cool haze
There was laughter too
That's gone now
Last week I remembered
There were windows in my car
That made me shiver

And as the warmth sinks low
I will follow it
I will look at her friend
As I slide into the core of the earth
I will persuade her to follow me
To melt her frosty shell
And ask her to come down with me
There will be cool dusty smiles
There will be thin ice and bright nights

But they will all elude me eventually
I can see through the autumn haze
Soon to be more dense and white
And I will stay with myself
Until there is a cool breeze
On a hot day
And hot smoke
In a cool haze