All dense with red glow and tiresome bright
Like neon glow or broken brake lights
Dust push and dance and enlarged by the scene
With the darkness or redness that blankets most everything

And the confusion of the night is solitary
Suddenly there is order in a stiff cone of white
A restless purgatory sweeps amongst the dumpsters
Fills the alleys and passes through the night

The calculated movement of some great beacon
Yields to the vision of a slow moving beast
With heavy armor and stripes along its back
And passes with the noise of firing pistons

And it turns its mighty blackened feet
You can see where the treads have worn off
But that does not decrease its sinister stare
As it swallows the flare and disappears

As I watch as his red eyes stare back at me
Become smaller, blur together, become nothing
And a subsequent wind blows hot stale air past me
Among the dead leaves is my security

I turn to walk home but I don't know what way
All the looming prison walls stretch to the sky
Which is absent of the moon and stars
But is all dense with red glow and tiresome bright

One direction is always the right direction
The space I occupy must be what I leave behind
As minutes past the streets will become saturated
With the ghosts and ghouls that call upon those curbs

But followed me was no omen of morning
Fatigue and fear held whips heavy like my eyelids
They drove me beyond the vines of light
I marched towards the plateau of my bright apprehension

Until the thinnest line had penetrated these dark corridors
The nature of the soft pinks and light blues entranced me
Similarly thin rays of light fell onto the landscape
And made all of the red and black turn gold and grey
And we smiled