A/N: Thanks to Hi8 Tapes for reviewing. Just so you all know, I have no qualms about you borrowing the idea. They're just character sketches and I know everyone has certain people and experiances in their lives that they want to share in some way. It's not that very original, so I don't mind, as long as my 'faces' are not borrowed, excluding The Stranger, since he quite literally was a stranger and that's all I know about him. So feel free to elaborate. The other characters are personal, so please don't play off them. Thanks! Teens

Love Found

Lying by him,

I feel his breath,

Warm across my neck.

He lowers his head,

And with such gentleness,

Blows a kiss

Upon my cheek.

I remember,

The first time we met,

In the moist heat of a midsummer's day.

His skin glistened with a thin sheen of sweat,

His curly locks forming a halo around his head,

Dark, murky brown,

In tight, wild ringlets.

And he looked at me with interest,

With golden eagle eyes,

Nervous and unsure,

Wondering what to do next.

Now we lie together,

Trapped in friendship's warm embrace,

Not needing to move or speak,

But just to