We walk the sunset hand in hand.
Terminals fell, stars imploded causing supernova's
Like tiny specks across the sky barly seen by human eyes.
Yet you still told me they were there.
Aquamarine, azure, sapphire, turquoise.
Theres so much sun where we came from.
Suddenly it all became cold, benighted.
What happened to us?
You held me and said
"Your eyes lay so vacant now. What has happened to your color?"
I had no answer, there was no need.
We kissed under the ruins of our past love
Laughing like little children
Hoping to breath color back into our world.
Dancing through the eclipse.
This is a story.
Our story.
Our dance.
It was beautiful.
No ending.
No beggining.
Just you and I.
A color.
And what used to be