Hey you guys. I haven't been posting anything for a long time. Just finished exams and I've been wrung out of my inspiration recently. The emotions contained in this poem are real, something I guess I've been going through for awhile now, which I'm sure a lot of you guys out there might have been or are going through too. I hope you guys like it.

Never Ending Pain

Her pain,

It remains profound,

Reverberating in every fiber

Of her being.

She was the girl,

Nobody seemed to know,

Her head turned away,

To shield her eyes.

The eyes which have seen
a thousand sorrows

The windows

To her empty soul.

She could not laugh,
She dared not cry,

She was an endless reverie

Of nothingness.

Flailing in this sea

Of emotions,

She was unable to reach out

For a hand.

She is all alone,

And remains distant,

Unable to break free,

From the cage that surrounds her.

No longer does she try,

To fight the inner battle

Which she has fought

Her entire life.

Afraid to deny,

Afraid to fight back,

The pain which has become

A part of her.

So she remains as the girl

Nobody knows,

But her sorrow,

Never ending.