Toilet Paper

As I noticed that there was no more toilet paper, I wondered. Why is there no more toilet paper? Because someone forgot to replace the old one when they finished it, right? I suppose. But why do we need toilet paper anyways? What is it with our obsession with cleanliness that drives us to use paper, the same material we use to write on, to literally clean our waste? If we use paper to wipe ourselves with, then what are we doing when we write? Are we not simply cleaning ourselves of pointless matter, the feces of our minds?
Sitting there, pondering this question, I started to think about exactly what is waste in our modern perspective on life. I realized that if an outsider were to look upon our "technologically advanced" society, they'd see a hell of a lot of waste, and I don't mean the victims of our poor toilet paper. Why do we need to buy designer jeans that cost three hundred bucks a pair? I don't see why we really need fancy cars that deem so many people as "better off" than others. Can we really not survive without eating at fancy restaurants? What's the point of music, art, human expression as a whole? Can't we survive without them?

Of course we can. Naturally, most people would say that without any form of human expression we would become a stagnant society with absolutely mindless autonomy. To counter that I would have to ask: so? The truth is, if we didn't have some sick desire to be individuals, we'd probably be better off. If we all had no concept of supreme individuality, I think we'd probably be a lot better off in terms of overall quality of life in the world. If we didn't need houses that were all different and lavishly decorated, all the money put towards that could be used to create more houses for the needy. If we didn't "need" more than the bare essentials of food because our palates are too advanced to accept simply that, then I don't suppose there would be any starvation in the world, would there be?

But who cares about the needy, right? I can say that I sure don't care as much as nuns or whoever do. I appreciate shiny cars, I like nice clothes, I can't eat the same thing everyday, and neither do you; don't lie. Why bother with wondering about how the world could be if you know it's impossible for those meandering thoughts to ever crystallize, right? Whatever, it's an interesting thought.

What if we were a hive mind? What if we all knew what everyone in the world was thinking all at once? You might think that the individual mind would be too overwhelmed to function, but the truth is, if we were all connected in such a manner, we wouldn't have individual thoughts and so therefore there would be no chance of overwhelming. The idea is very simple, when you break it down to its fundamentals. If we all knew what we were thinking all the time, we would then see when someone else would be suffering and, since we think and feel the same thing as that person, we would want said suffering to stop. I think ants have it better than us, to be honest.

To have one objective, for that is what would happen were we to have a hive mind, is to survive. If we all wanted the same thing, how could we not achieve it? Survival is what we'd want, it's what any hive mind wants, and survival is what we would achieve. Through the aggregate consciousness of our race of being, we would form an unstoppable force, capable of surviving any time, any place. Ants have it easy. To only worry about the overall state of the race is to live in bliss. Blissful ignorance, some might say, but bliss nonetheless.

As I pondered all this, I stared blankly at the empty roll in front of me. After coming to my conclusion, I disregarded my earlier quandary and pulled up my pants. As I walked out of the bathroom, hands unwashed, I visited an anthill in my backyard and promptly kicked it over as well soaked it down with my yard hose.

Jealousy makes you do things.