You'll Always Be My Fallen Angel

I'm always going to notice you,

I'm sorry I could not be,

Nothing more than a disappointment,

Or anything you expected of me.

I wish I could've been able to say yes,

I wish my feelings were wrong,

I wish I could've let you hold me,

So I could sleep all night long…

Oh my sweet, fallen angel,

I wish I could give you my heart,

I would do nothing to ever hurt you,

Or even let you fall apart…

We figured out suicide wasn't the answer,

We knew all the right words to say,

We always had to pick up the broken pieces,

And cry with each other the next day,

We never wanted to hurt anyone,

We always wanted to be there for each other,

Be there for when we had broken wings,

I'm truly sorry that I fell for another…

You'll always be my sweet, fallen angel,

I'll always be there when you fall,

I'll always notice you and your broken wings,

Just be there for me if I were to lose it all…