Hey. I started out writing this poem about a girl I know, my inspiration coming from the frustration I felt mostly. But I guess it became something more than that.

A Masterful Faker

She is strong,

And beautiful,


Of what others think.

She is defined,


Never pleading

To be free.

She is vain

And confident,

Yet her modesty

Exceeds her.

She does not love,

Nor is she fazed,

By the people

Who love her.

But inside,

She is weak

And insecure,

Beneath her masterful disguise

Of razor sharp words.

She is ugly,

Stripped free

Of her inner beauty,

A dime in a dozen,

Is what she is.

Her perpetual need,

To be respected

And adored,

Is unseen by those

Around her.

So she lives as a fake,

Perplexing others,

Unsure herself,

Of the person she truly is.