Perfect Imperfection

I am more then just a number on a scale,
and more then what you think.
I am more then the color of my hair,
and more then your diet beverage drinks.

To you I might be
"that girl who sits in the back and draws on her jeans"
but to me,
I am that girl
who fallowed her dreams,
discoverd herself
with the very pen she used to graffiti
her faithful denims.

So I sing, "write on truthful pen",
pugre the words girls and boys have longed to hear.
Away with frilly dress you got to look 'more feminine',

away with dimonds that blind.
I know I can shine without them on the inside.

So from this day forward,
I declare war against the stereotypical.
Independance is a new form of art,
and I say we fluant it.
stand on your roof top and scream who you are,
and I'll sit here and laugh in my drawn-on-jeans,
because I am perfectly imperfect in todays stupid socitey.

So your heart out.

as we all know should know there is nothing wrong with being yourself
so if you are that frilly girl and happy with it, I hold no meaning to offend.
But, if you are that punker girl, or that artist at heart
listen to this and take it in, because our generation sets the future.

Erica Sky