AN- Hey guys this is just a short story that popped into my head! Read and enjoy! Reviews are always welcomed!

Lady Wellington

I am simply obsessed with this garden! Now that I am Lady Wellington, Lord Wellington says that I must keep a journal like all of the other gentry. I simply don't understand why he doesn't seem to appreciate the simple beauty of the white pure Jessamine or the innocent Saffron. My favorite is the Sweet William. They have the most delicate pink petals! I have a book called the Language of Flowers and I looked up the definition! It means scorn! Isn't that silly? Oh! Lord Wellington is bellowing for me again! He does have a funny yell. His face gets all pink and his cravat looks especially white. I will write as soon as I can!

Oooo! That man makes me so angry some times I could just scream! How dare he say I am forbidden from the garden? He doesn't understand how much I need it! He says, "A wife should stay home and bear children." He can be so insufferable. I am now writing from my locked room! He is so mean. No one likes him! He is just like father. The world was a better place now that he is not in it.

Why did I have to marry him? Oh yes now I remember. Father was a horrible mean man and drank all our money away. I had to marry stupid Lord Wellington. Even though he is with his mistress most of the time I still have to fulfill my "duties as his wife" as he would put it. That alone is vulgar and makes me feel dirty but he also has the servants watching me so that he knows when I am in the garden.

He has started to leave big repulsive bruises on my legs. He hits me with a horse switch. My father preferred the paddle. The both put the marks where no one but my ladies maid can see them. She doesn't speak English so whom would she tell? I am so angry. I hate him more with every day. I sometimes wonder what my life would be like without him. Nobody likes him any way. I see my poor Sweet Williams dying from neglect. He has stopped paying the gardeners. I have to watch my poor garden die. I hate him so much.

He is not going to bother me anymore! It was frightfully easy to get him out of my life. Him and Father are out forever. I know that everyone seems happier. I put Sweet Williams everywhere in the house.

No one even suspects that it was I who helped everyone. I know that I should be modest so I won't say anything. Oh I do wish to share with people! They would be so relieved to know that he is not going to come back. They think that he is on a hunting excursion in Africa. I, as the loving wife, wish him home soon. I will even mourn him the proper amount of time when I find out that a nasty lioness ate him whole.

Yes, I did England a favor. I spend most of my time with my flowers now. My Sweet Williams will be thriving come spring. They will have such a good new fertilizer. I don't need to write any more. He won't make me. I did love the way the pink looke against the white pillow over his head when he died. He didn't even thrash around as much as the other one.