Chapter Two


As neurotic as Crumpet was acting it would be hard to suggest that this was abnormal, for Crumpet, to put it bluntly, was generally as nervous as the man who just began to doubt whether he had given the arsenic tea to his wife or picked it up himself.

His tail flicked from side to side anxiously as he drummed his claws on a small boulder besides him. He sat beneath the undergrowth avidly pondering the plan of action. He knew very little of the mission itself as yet, just his small part in it.


Barry had been sat, considerably bored for quite some time. The game of 'stare at the wall until it begins to tap dance' was becoming marginally uninteresting and ended in failure as per usual. Although there was one instance when Geoff was on holiday leaving Kev, his teenage son to his own devices. During a large mid week party Barry found himself sat with a few dubious looking youths in a smoke filled room, upon playing 'stare at the wall until it begins to tap dance', he, for the first time in 2 years, succeeded. In his excitement Barry proceeded to go outside and eat the garden in all the whole concept of the game was beginning to wear thin. His ears pricked up as he heard the screeching of a car out side, he began to growl at sound of the slamming door. Concentrating hard Barry began too swagger from side to side, his nose half an inch from the door frame. An unfamiliar voice came from the hallway. Barry found this prospect exiting; this was a great opportunity to participate in a game of 'run as hard as possible at the stranger to see their reaction' The game is popular again amongst youngsters of the species. Mostly those who have been influenced by the older dogs due to the games implication on the perceived intelligence of the species. Also because dogs have a tendency to exploit the gullible for their own amusement.

Most dogs at some point or other would begin to wonder why they didn't just play more fun games, the ones that make them look less like idiots... and are considerably more entertaining. Now was Barry's time.