It's harder now to walk outside
And know that you don't watch me leave
I slip into my mind and it scares me
Because I think of such horrible things

I don't seem to know why...
I become things I don't want to be

I don't seem to know why...
I'm not who I used to be

I try to turn back time inside my head
Think about what went wrong and how to fix it
But, oh no, I've done it again
I'm trying to heal all of my mistakes
I'm trying to see through new eyes
I can't keep on living broken lies
I can't keep on breathing like this

It's harder now to run and hide
And know that you know just where to seek
I linger behind them and I worry
Because I don't think anyone notices me

I don't seem to know why...
I go around unrecognized

I don't seem to know why...
I feel like I'm breaking down; ready to die


Seal me up and watch me drown,
Down to the bottom of the ocean.
Lurking under waves, destined to find,
Why I've always been this person.
Drink from the bottle of dirty poison,
Fill my soul with forget-me-nots.
I break every night for the same reason:
I'm really dead; no longer can I breathe.


It's harder to turn away and cry
And know my heart will beat no longer
I sleep now, realizing I hurt this much
Because I'm fighting to stay alive
(To breathe)