Destined To Be

chickenlittle21: I can't believe we're moving you know. It's so annoying

archie101: I'm sorry. Why are you moving anyway?

chickenlittle21: just my lovely mother's choice. I feel like killing her

archie101: lol. Don't, that's real trouble, you know

chickenlittle21: I know. It's funny though, how much I love my mother and no matter how far we're moving, I still love her to bits.

archie101: good for you. Hey, you haven't told me where you're going yet.

chickenlittle21: I think I have to go. We have to be up early tomorrow. Don't worry, once we set up the computer there, I'll tell you everything.

archie101: good. I'll miss you.

chickenlittle21: I'll miss you too.

archie101: take care okay? And talk to me when you get there.

chickenlittle21: I will.

Katrina clicked off her computer. She kicked the boxes near her bed. She winced.

"Ouch," she murmured to herself.

"Kat, kicking the boxes again?" a voice said at the door. Katrina turned and smiled sheepishly. Mishama Andres, her mother, stood in the doorway. She looked tired and worn out from all the packing. In her right hand, she held a cup of coffee and her left hand was wrapped in a bandage. Katrina stared at the bandage.

"Oh this?" her mother said, "that's nothing. I just cut myself after packing the knives."

Her mother avoided looking into her eyes. You're lying, Katrina yelled at her but only in her mind. She sat down on Katrina's bed and pulled her into a hug.

"Mom, you don't have to be so strong, you know," Katrina said.

"I have to, Kat, we're alone now and your father's not going to be of any help," her mother said tiredly. Then her eyes lit up, patting Katrina on the back, "don't worry, sweetheart, when we get to Gen San, we'll be fine there."

"Okay, Mom," Katrina said, as if, Mom, you are such a liar, she thought.

"You better go to sleep now," her mother said, "we have a big day tomorrow,"

"Okay," Katrina nodded. She kissed her mother on the forehead and watched her leave the room. Katrina shivered as the darkness of her room hovered over her. She had never felt so alone before.

"Katrina, are the kitchen supplies in?" Mrs. Andres called to her.

"Yes, Mother!" she yelled back. This was it. They were in Gen San. The house her mother had picked was incredibly small. It was small compared to their house in Capian. But she couldn't help feeling pretty nice. This was their new home and it felt very warm. At least memories of her mother and father arguing and hurting each other didn't linger in every wall. Katrina heard her mother enter the house. She went over to her. Her mother put the last box down and smiled at Katrina.

"Don't deny, Kat, this is nice," her mother said. Katrina laughed.

"Okay, Mom, I won't. It really is nice," she added, truthfully. She put an arm around her mother. There is hope for a new start, she thought inwardly and smiled.

"I am so going to kill you, Mom!" Katrina scowled. It was her first day at her new school and she was beginning to get really nervous. Mrs. Andres laughed.

"Kat, cool it. It's not as if it's your first day," she said.

"I hate you, Mom, I really do," Katrina said, glaring. Mrs. Andres chuckled studying the school.

"It looks nice, Katrina. I think you'll do well," she replied. Katrina sighed.

"I hope so. I have to go," Katrina said climbing out of the car. She kissed her mother on the cheek. "I love you, Mom. I know we'll be okay," she added.

"I love you too, sweetheart," her mother nodded and waved her goodbye.

Katrina watched as the car sped away. She so wished she was back at her old school.

She turned to the school and began walking. Teenagers of her age were all over the grounds, talking, laughing together. She just wanted to disappear. Katrina began to walk faster. Just then, without warning, a blonde guy cut in her path, completely bumping into her. She tried to steady herself, but it was too late. Her knee lost track and balance. She fell down next to the guy.

People around them began staring and started laughing. Katrina wished the earth would open up and eat her. She didn't need this on her first day. She quickly stood up and brushed herself off.

"You jerk," she cried, eyes glaring at the guy. The guy looked surprised.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean - ,"

"Shut up and get lost will you?" Katrina interrupted. So much for her first day.

"Don't get so huffy, I said sorry!" the guy said.

"Sorry? Don't get your ego messed up. You probably did it on purpose!"

"Well, I really wished I did it on purpose right now!" he exclaimed.

"Jerk," she muttered under her breath. Without waiting for a reply, she walked away.

"What a - ," she heard them saying. She didn't care. She wasn't about to let any guy or anyone walk over her.

chickenlittle21: I met this guy at school, he is so arrogant! We bumped into each other the whole day and he and I kept throwing insults at each other. He is so full of ego! Plus, he is such a nerve!

archie101: really? That's bad. You know, I also had a similar experience today. I met a girl with such attitude. I mean she was so arrogant and inconsiderate!

chickenlitte21: wow. We really are soul mates. lol

archie101: yeah. lol, we must be real soul mates.

chickenlitte21: do you believe in all that?

archie101: yeah, why not? I'd be happy to be your soul mate.

chickenlitte21: very sweet. lol, you are such a smooth talker

archie101: I may be, but to be honest, for the 6 months we've been chatting? I've grown to really like you. That's not smooth talking okay? I mean it.

chickenlitte21: aww, that's nice. I like you too.

archie101: it's getting late here, I might have to sleep soon, and I have school tomorrow. What time is it there?

chickenlitte21: Late too, my clock says 4:22 am; I should be sleeping soon too.

archie101: wait a sec, how come we have the same time?

chickenlitte21: umm, because we just do?

archie101: I thought you lived across the country?

chickenlitte21: I moved, remember? Knock knock, I live in Gen San now

archie101: IN GEN SAN?

chickenlitte21: yeah, what's with the big letters?

archie101: I live in Gen San

chickenlitte21: you do? Wow, what a coincidence!

archie101: well, this is my lucky day! Can we meet?

chickenlitte21: yeah, it is a lucky day! I'll be glad to meet up with you

archie101: cool. Meet you tomorrow, in the park?

chickenlitte21: sure. Have to go! Good night!

archie101: goodnight too. Sweet dreams

Katrina clicked off the computer. She couldn't be more excited.

School was almost like a gift to her the next day. She was so excited.

Katrina raced through the corridors to her final class just as a guy cut in her path way, again. She swerved and nearly crashed into a garbage bin. Students around them burst into laughter. He was the same guy from her first day.

"You're not going to let me pass peacefully are you?" she said wearily, tapping her foot. The guy looked up at her then at his friends who had deliberately pushed him.

"They did it," he said coolly.

"You are such a twerp," she retorted. He held up both hands.

"Hey, I told you, I'm only a victim. Stop being so judgmental," he said, still with that cool look on his face.

"You are not only a jerk. You are the most arrogant, most disrespectful person ever!" she exclaimed, making a face.

"Real mature, miss, real mature," the guy commented, still with that irritating cool look on his face. With that, he left with his friends.

Katrina scowled, I am such a dweeb, the guy was right, she thought, sighing as she entered her final class for the day. At least, after this day, she and Archie would finally meet. She and her soul mate. What a relaxing thought.

"Bye, Mom!" she practically yelled, jumping out of the car and ran into the park.

Mrs. Andres looked surprised. What a nice change, she thought.

Katrina looked near the big tree in the middle. A tall guy stood there, his hands in his pockets. He must be Archie, Katrina thought. She crept up behind him.

"Archie101," she asked uncertainly.

He jumped, startled. He chuckled, still not turning.

"Chicken little?" he said. Katrina laughed as he turned.

She stopped laughing. Her eyes grew wide. Her jaw dropped.

The guy she had fought with in school stood there with the same expression on his face. The same guy she bumped into. The same guy she shared annoyed looks with. The same guy she exchanged insults with.

"You?" she exclaimed.

"You?" he said, "oh my god,"

Three weeks later.

Things have gone well for Katrina. She finally had new friends. Her mother had a stable job. Her father never called to ruin their day. And most of all…

She had Archie.