First of all, this is M/M slash, simple really if you don't like then you wont like this so don't read!

Secondly, the language – as in swearing, is appalling, this is consistent all the way through and so I am only saying this once!

Finally, this includes strong, quite graphic mentions of child abuse.

There is nothing really sexual in this minus the crude suggestiveness of teens and there will probably be some 'action' towards the end. However nothing much!

Rated M to be safe really.

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Authors Note: Okay just some more babble that you don't have to read really lol…I have really wanted to write a slash story for ages so this is my first, which is why admittedly the storyline is overdone – even I know that. Please though, give it a chance. Even though I do have a lot more written and on my computer I wanted to get ahead so eventually I could finish it so that I could upload a couple of times a week and alter it due to reviews I may get, however I gave into temptation. So I may not upload in a while, I don't want to get to the stage where I'm abandoning it, I just wanted to see what you think. If enough people review then I may upload segments sooner than expected however in larger periods of time to allow me for more writing time, I'm off school at the moment for half term, but not for long. Reviews mean a lot to me so please, criticism (constructive please…) or not I will love you for it. I also always review back. Thanks very much and I will let you read the actual story now lol xxxx by the way future notes will not be anywhere near this long and if anyone has any ideas for a better story title and a chapter title then please let me know!

"Fuck you!" I screamed at my pathetic excuse for a stepfather. "I am NOT your servant!"

"You stupid arrogant boy I told you to do one fucking thing, one fucking thing! You clean that kitchen right now and if it's not done when I get back there is going to be hell to pay."

"Yeah right" I sneered, shaking. "Like this, being here with you now isn't fucking hell already? You make me sick!" He needed no words to accompany the action which followed my statement, and neither do I. Within two strides he had closed the distance between the hallway which had stood between our little war, and held me in a deathly grip by the scruff of my neck, both effectively and painfully pinning me up against the wall. He sneered "Do it. Or else."

"I told you" I whimpered, "I'm going out now, I'm supposed to be meeting Kyle. I will do it tomorrow I promise". He screamed in frustration and increased his grip "Get it done by the end of the weekend you worthless boy. I don't know why you're meeting him anyway. Fucking twat." All of that shit he just gave me combined with that remark collectively pushed me over the edge. Forgetting momentarily that I was pinned to the wall by the scruff of my neck and held there by a severely pissed off fully grown man twice the size of me, I snapped. "NO HE ISN'T!" I screamed. "He is more of a man than you could ever dream to be - I HATE you!"

The combination of both me coming back to my senses and being highly accustomed to his violence enabled me to quickly look away to the side, and subsequently avoiding the next event having full contact with the front of my face. I didn't have long to wait for the inevitable blow. Inhaling sharply I felt the rough surface of his knuckles smashing into the side of my face. Once more in my stomach effectively winding me.

When I had slowly slid down the wall like a raindrop willing to fall, shaking, crying, screaming and doubled over in pain I finally hit the floor. Only then had it registered he had left. Blinded by my pain and almost willing to give into the subconscious will in the behinds of my mind nagging me to pass out, something in my fucked up head warned me not too. I then realised the source of the argument - Kyle. I needed to meet him, he would be worried. He couldn't know. The need to think of another excuse for my injuries coursed through me like an electric current. I crawled down the hallway on all fours desperately trying to reach the bathroom so I could clean myself up, before I finally blacked out.


I awoke to a sharp rapping noise on the front door, which sent a bolt of panic running through me like lightening. Shit burglars! Gradually the fogginess clouding my brain began to clear and lift, like the aftermath of a storm and I heard them shout through the front door "Hello?!" That's when I realised. Burglars don't shout. That's when I started to panic. FUCK! Its not burglars, its worse, it's Kyle, shit! Again, I tried to move and again, the searing pain prevented me from doing so. I cursed fluently under my breath. This was it. It hurt to move, to talk, to even breathe, and I knew I couldn't hide it any longer.