Best Friend

My sister's best friend died today,

And I don't know how to stop crying.

I want to tell her it will be okay,

But how can I with tears not drying.

He had lived with dialysis for 28 year,

But he couldn't hold on for much longer.

I try to write this poem through my tears,

And I won't wait to write 'til I'm stronger.

Stronger when I don't have to cry for him,

Stronger when I can look back to those days.

Stronger when I can still smile at them,

Stronger when I can laugh at his happy face.

He'd been in pain for most of his life,

But he never once complained.

If ever there was problems or strife,

He would never tell, but refrained.

It was this stubbornness that touched many people,

This stubbornness that broke so many hearts to lose.

Up 'til the day we're all old and crippled,

We will never forget this angelic muse.