Story-thoughts, thank-yous and sequel-ideas!

And then Akt II has officially ended!:) I started this story on 23:35 o'clock on September 25 and finished it 01:54 o'clock on October 13. It took me only nineteen days to write this story, and that's the new record!:) Meine Liebe took me 22-23 days to write, but then again, that's a little longer than Akt II... Not long, but a little... Still, I'm proud as Hell! My second finished story!:D

I think the story may have gone a little to fast when it came to the drug thing and the bulimia… Well, maybe not the bulimia, seeing as Kael has had that for a time… But the drug-addiction… Does it go that fast?:-/ See, I have no clue, and if it goes a little fast with that, then so be it…:) It couldn't have gone slower, and the timeline had to be like that, so… Yeah, excuse me if it's a little to speedy!:)

I just thought of something when I read the first chapter of Meine Liebe again… Hunter's last name is Henshaw… It was supposed to be Bradshaw, but I got them mixed up I think!:) So yeah, his name's still Henshaw and I have named someone else who is yet not introduced Bradshaw…!:p

I've got a few questions about sequels, and just look below!:) Not many there, but I have more planned… Just read and then you'll understand!:D

Here's the stories I have planned in the serie so far;

1. Meine Liebe – story from River's POV. COMPLETED, 1-14 chapters.
2. Meine Liebe Akt II – told from Kael, Hunter, River and Kaiser's POV. Mostly about Kael and Hunter's messed up relationship. Coming up on Thursday. COMPLETED, 1-12 chapters.

Reluctantly Love – a small spin-off about Kristy and Regina. Coming up on Thursday. COMPLETE. 4 chapters.

3. Meine Liebe Akt III – story told from everybody's POV. It's the Christmas Holidays, what'll happen then…?! IN PROGRESS. (I think this is very, VERY plot-less…:-/)
4. Meine Liebe Akt IV – story told from Lester's POV. So who's Lester's Liebe? Wait and see!:p IN PROGRESS.

I have more planned, much more, but another thing has come in the way… I had been thinking of it a night I went to sleep, but forgotten it when I woke up. But then my beta suggested the same thing in an e-mail, and then I remembered it again!:) And what is it? A prequel to the Meine Liebe series; a prequel about Kael and Viktor!:D Starting from their first meeting and then go through the stage of becoming friends, boyfriends and then lovers, and also Viktor's death and how Kael cope with that…:) And of course there'll also be a lot of other drama with the other siblings and their friends!:) Everyone who wants to know more about the Schwartz kids life in Germany, raise your hands now!:D

The title of the prequel will probably be Meine Erste Liebe, meaning My First Love. And I have so many ideas about this one!:) It's thoroughly claimed all my brain for itself…!:p And that's bad, cause then everything else I write gets pushed in the background… Counting NaNoWriMo…:-/ But do I care? Nope, not right now!:) I just love the idea of this prequel!:D

Well, anyway, I'm gonna quit rambling now and go straight to the thank-yous, (they are written alphabetically): Anti-socialite, Esquirella, Fork-In-Your-Eye, GodzProX, I'll Be Your Fairytale (thank you very much for hug and box! It made me SO happy!:D), irishbri, Jayn, Kyle M. Fowler, LazyPyroGoth, Lidyah, Machete-soul-dance, memphismiranda, Miss Vampira, Mizuki Perry, My Lips are Sealed, Orangeena, prettylittlelady, Sakru angelqueen, Switch and -AFFAIR.

And I will thank all of you who have this story on their favorite and/or alert list!:) I will also thank you who have read this story but not reviewed!:) And if some of you read this little last AN, will you please review me and tell me what you think about the story?:) It would make me very happy to know you're out there!:)

So tune in the day after tomorrow people, because then the first chapter of the spin-off will be up!:) Look forward to WIDERSTREBEND LIEBE: RELUCTANTLY LOVE!